7 Must-Visit Events Happening In Rhode Island This Summer, And When

Summer is the best time to explore, explore, explore! Time to explore different hobbies, time to keep yourself busy, time to explore different places and food, but most importantly: time to explore yourself.

Summer is a time to make the best of what you have around you. It's the time to surround yourself with the best people and best environments. It’s what surrounds us that inspires us the most. Summer isn’t here to bring you experiences and people; you’re the one responsible to put yourself out there to get those things because they’re not just going to magically appear. What will appear is a list of different activities and events going on this summer to spark up your interests and get you out and exploring! It’s up to you to make it happen.

1. PVD Fest, June 7-10

A four day festival that includes live music, dance, food, and visual art taking over Downtown Providence with outdoor stages and performances happening at different spots in the city.

2. 43rd Annual Rhode Island Pride, June 16th

A place for everyone to celebrate everyone. A wonderful celebration with an illuminated night parade. Happiness everywhere!

3. Sunset yoga in the park, every Tuesday starting on June 19th from 7-8pm

The perfect relaxation workout in the sunset for the summer.

4. Hope Street Saturday Farmers Market, May 5-October 27

Go out and try new, fresh foods and groceries. A very amicable environment, and a lot of dogs!

5. Gallery Night, every third Thursday of every month

A tour that will show you around to different galleries around Downtown Providence. Wonderful culture, design, paintings, sculptures, and pure creativity in little Rhody.

6. Rhode Island International Film Festival, August 7-12th

7. Annual Hope Street Block Party, June 2

Block parties are always fun! Why not?!

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