With the new Disney Plus streaming service coming soon, our favorite childhood classics have slowly but surely been removed from Netflix, leaving '95 - '02 babies everywhere feeling lost without a solid throwback to binge watch. Netflix has answered all our prayers, though, and released the Nickelodeon classic -- "Victorious". Here are just some of the amazing things from this show that you may have forgotten about and why you should grab a bowl of popcorn and get comfortable for your binge watch sesh.

1. "Take A Hint"

The most iconic feminist song of the century. Every man's education should include a continual loop of this song until they understand because no ALWAYS means no.

2. She-Cago


I'm sorry to everyone who lives in Chicago but it was nothing until Trina Vega debuted her legendary one-woman show and singlehandedly renamed the entire city "She-cago".

3. Cat and Jade


AKA: the most talented duo ever to be on television. They made it shine brighter than Tori ever could.

4. The "The Slap" Posts 

Pear phone Slap posts that are supposed to imitate Twitter and Facebook all rolled up into one... so awful it's hilarious. Feeling: iconic.

5. "Begging on Your Knees"

6. 9. "Beggin' on Your Knees" by Victorious Cast, Victoria Justice


Another female empowerment song of the century because remember girls: men don't deserve someone as hot as you.

7. The Christmas Episode


November=Merry Christmas! Embrace it. Love it.

8. Beck


Three seasons of Avan Jogia ... if that's not enough to immediately prompt you to begin a week long binge watch session I don't know what else will.