Reverse auction sites: How does Shiply work?

Reverse auction sites: How does Shiply work?

Reverse Auction

What is a reverse-auction style website?

Instead of a typical auction where buyers bid and compete to purchase items (like eBay), a reverse auction is where sellers bid and compete to win a buyer’s business.

An example of such a website is Shiply - an online marketplace in a reverse-auction style where businesses compete to win delivery work. Transport providers bid on a variety of listed delivery jobs listed by Shiply users.

How does Shiply work?

Someone needing a delivery company makes a listing on Shiply by filling out a short form to say what they need delivered (it could be a car, eBay item, house move, etc), the required dates for collection and delivery, and any further information that might be helpful for the delivery company such as the dimensions of the item to be moved or its estimated weight.

Once their listing is live, delivery companies can log in to browse delivery jobs and bid on as many or as few as they’d like to. Many transport providers bid on Shiply listings that complement their existing work, which keeps the cost down for buyers and is much better for the environment.

Shortly after the listing is live, the buyer will receive a number of quotes from multiple companies. They can click through to each company’s profile page to see feedback from previous customers, and find out further information if they’d like to in order to help them make a decision on which provider would be best for the job.

Once the buyer has decided which transport provider to choose, they accept that quote on Shiply. Now that the quote has been accepted, they can communicate with their chosen provider via the Shiply messaging system to arrange further details.

After the delivery, the customer is allowed to leave feedback about their chosen transport providers to help future customers when making their decisions.

What are the benefits of using Shiply?

Transport providers are often able to offer much lower prices via Shiply because many use the website to find extra work to go alongside their existing jobs and routes. They are therefore able to offer work at a cost of up to 75% cheaper than standard delivery prices.

Shiply is also beneficial to the environment. By using Shiply to fit extra work around their existing jobs, they are avoiding driving empty vehicles on the road. This prevents wasted fuel emissions and adding extra vehicles to our already busy roads. In the past ten years Shiply estimates that they have saved over 100 million kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Shiply has over 500,000 registered transport providers with a variety of specialisms, so whatever you’re looking to transport, from pianos to playground equipment, there’ll be a company on Shiply that can get it from A to B.

Make a listing on Shiply now to find a courier for a great price:

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