Retrouvailles: A Poem

Retrouvailles: A Poem

I usually can't find the words I want to say, but I think I've managed to write down most of them this time. To my boyfriend, this is for you.

Hailey Moreira

I don't think I could ever

Tell you,

tell you how I feel

But I could try for

The rest of my life.

There is an average of 80 years

in a lifetime

There are 365.25 days

in a year

Each day has moments and

Those moments are dear

But not every one

Will be as sweet as

The kiss on your lips

That first day we met but

Maybe they'll be as addicting

As the time you kissed me

Like I was air and you

Were the only one breathing me

And it would be your last breath

And some moments will be

As bitter tasting

As the time

I cried and you watched and

Did nothing at all but spit

Words in my direction that

Could cut glass and I

Was as fragile as paper.

Nothing will ever be as


As that first kiss

Under the lighthouse that

Forced the wind through my hair

And around your heart

As it pulled us together.


Is just one thing

It may stop. It may go

And yet we cannot control it but

We can create our own time

Where only we exist.

To me, that's how it feels

Every single time my

Lips meet yours

Saying hello as they always

Find their way back to each other.

Those reunions fill my mind

And it's still always foggy but

It's filled with thoughts of

You. You. You.

And yet these moments

Are all for

Me. Me. Me.

No matter where

In this life we go. I can


It will remain

Us. Us. Us.

The people stop moving

As they pass by and

It's just us left where

We stand.

Ask anyone else

I promise they’ll say

My most spoken topic

Is my favorite.

You would think of

Many things but like always

It's you.

What about that very first night

Where I curled up close and

Your arms pulled me in

And I drifted off to

The sight of your smile

I don't recall any other time

Where I've seen anything as


As you when you sleep

Both eyes shut

Open just enough

For me to know you’re dreaming.

I don't think that

Most people would know but

To me you are sweeter

Than all the honey

Any bee could ever gather.

You are my favorite book

I never want to finish,

But I know I can always

Reread it later.

Time with you,

Is all I want to spend.

Every single day

With my best friend.

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