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Holidays are here, and for retail workers it means something totally different then if you are a customer. For retail workers it means shifts are long, and people can be rude and nasty during the holidays. Crazy managers, short staffed days, and long register lines equal a whole bunch of headaches and tears to your eyes. There are ways though of surviving, and since I've been working retail for 5 years I'll give you tips to surviving the craziness of retail during the holidays.

1. Energy drinks: The shifts are going to be really long, and these drinks will keep you awake during the entire shift, and if you work the 4pm-12am shift during thanksgiving you will definitely need it.

2. A thick Skin: People can be mean this time of year, and they will be down right nasty, so this will help you let everything roll off you easily. Take it all with a grain of salt. Don't let their horrible attitude ruin everything.

3. Leave work at work: I had to learn this the hard way, and no matter what happened I had to learn to leave work at work and not bring it home with me.

4. Laughter: Laughing is the best medicine since it is ridiculously funny when people complain about stupid things. Hell, I was so tired I asked one of my coworkers if we had any people in stock...Yeah one of those nights...

5. Entertainment after work: To unwind after the craziness of the holidays reading a book helps, playing video games, and even having a hobby helps combat the craziness of retail.

6. Alcohol: It helps to have a drink and unwind after work since it can be crazy, and sometimes having a drink can help you forget the craziness of the retail work day.

Above all stay calm, relax, and know that even though holidays are crazy with people who freak out over stupid stuff it will pass. Don't take it personal if they yell at you over something you can't control because sometimes they just want someone to talk to and let them vent. Also after the holidays it will be less crazy, and everyone can relax and enjoy the rest of the year. It's not forever after all.

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