Cynical About Society? Here Are A Few Things That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity
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Cynical About Society? Here Are A Few Things That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

There are good people doing good things. You just have to look.

Cynical About Society? Here Are A Few Things That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

I get it. There is a lot of bad news in the, well, news. It doesn't matter if your frustration comes from politics, no matter which side or where within the middle your views fall. It doesn't matter if you heard yet another terrible story of a murder of an unarmed black man, or the execution of a police officer who was just sitting in their car, or a case of animal abuse, or a case of child abuse, or a domestic violence situation, or a sexual harassment/assault situation.

Or, or.

It is often difficult to try to find a light at the end of the tunnel.

I get like that. I get stuck in my own head worrying about everything going on in the world while also feeling incredibly pessimistic about the possibility of positive change.

It's just not healthy.

Because there are good things in the world, but those good things don't garner as many clicks or views so the stories aren't run as frequently or with as much of a push.

But if you do a little digging, or if you just diversify the type of content you're consuming, you can find that bright light.

I'd like to share with you a few things that have brightened my mood and restored my faith in humanity over the last few weeks and months when we've been living in a world that tries to make us believe that the only news that exists is bad news.

These people banding together to rescue a dog from a canal

This video comes from The Dodo. If you like animals and you don't already follow The Dodo on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, you should. I can be having the worst, most stressful day ever, but as soon as I come across a video from The Dodo, my mood is instantly improved and my outlook on humanity is restored.

One of Vet Ranch's MANY success Stories

Like The Dodo, I highly recommend you follow Vet Ranch if you're an animal lover. Starting with Dr. Matt Carriker's mission to help save ALL animals, Vet Ranch uses donations, merchandise sales, and YouTube AdSense to fund Dr. Matt's goal to save homeless and neglected/abused animals.

Fair warning: Some of the videos involve surgical procedures that are graphic. In more recent videos, Dr. Matt and the other vets from Vet Ranch offer both a censored and uncensored version of all of their videos.

Texas, where the Vet Ranch vets are located, has a big problem with animal abandonment and abuse, and a large number of animals are left in shelters with high kill rates. Dr. Matt's drive and compassion to help animals is inspiring and makes me feel a whole lot better about my fellow man.

This man who gives haircuts to the homeless

Jason Schneidman is a celebrity hairstylist who takes time to boost the mood and self-esteem of the homeless population in LA by providing free professional cuts. In the process, he's raising awareness to the problem of homelessness in his city.

Jason's a top-notch man who makes otherwise destitute people feel confident and cared for.

This sign on the door of a dry cleaning business

In the same vein as the last item on this list, it's always just so inspiring to see people and business take time and, often, money of their own to help others feel more confident and have a better chance of improving their situation.

Joe Biden comforting Meghan McCain about her father's cancer diagnosis

I don't want to make this at all about politics, but there is something so uplifting about seeing two people on either side of the aisle sharing a common bond. Most of us are impacted in some capacity at some point in our lives by cancer or other serious ailments. It's important to remember that no matter where we sit with our politics, we are all human and we all feel and we all hurt in similar ways, and we can come together over that shared experience.

So, like Joe says in this video, "You gotta maintain hope."

Maintain hope. Look for the positive things in life. Remember, no matter how bad the news is, no matter how frustrating it can be to flit through crazy and upsetting social media posts, there is good in the world.

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