The end of the semester is quickly approaching, which means there are only a few days left before I move back home for the summer. I’m excited to come home but I have to say there are several things I’ll miss in Lexington.

Obviously, I’m going to miss my friends a ton, but there is something else that’s going to be tough to get through the summer without…

The food.

This doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to sinking my teeth into a beef sandwich from Portillo’s the second I get back home, but there are a few local restaurants that I won’t get the pleasure of stopping by for about three and a half months.

Here are five restaurants in Lexington that I’ll be thinking about the most until I come back in August.

1. Magee's

Magee's Bakery on Main Street is one of my favorite breakfast places in Lexington. They have the best donuts and I don't think I've ever tried something here and didn't like it.

2. Josie's

Josie's is another breakfast place that is hard to beat. This will probably be my last stop before I head home for the summer.

3. Local Taco

Local Taco is pretty much synonymous with Lexington. This is where all of my money goes throughout the school year. It's definitely going to be tough getting through the summer without their queso.

4. Saul Good

The first time I went here I ordered the baked mac & cheese and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

5. Mad Mushroom

I had to use a picture of cheese sticks for this one because who goes here and doesn't get cheese sticks? I'm definitely going to miss having this as a late night snack. The ranch is almost as addicting as the cheese sticks themselves too.