19 Resolutions You Made, But Definitely Won't Keep
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19 Resolutions You Made, But Definitely Won't Keep

By the end of January, your sneakers will be collecting dust and you know it

19 Resolutions You Made, But Definitely Won't Keep

Ah, the New Year. A chance to start over, set new goals, reach new heights all due to the lofty promise of the "new year, new me" mentality. Don't get me wrong, I suffer from the premise of reinventing myself or bettering myself in the new year. I always set goals that I quickly forget about, change or simply become too lazy to keep up with, especially once school starts up again and I fall back into the old habitual routine that comes with it. Here are 19 things (ha get it) that you've probably promised yourself, or heard others pledge to keep up with, that you, and everyone else knows, simply won't stick. What can I say, old habits die hard

Go to the gym

I have been to the gym at school once, and i'll never go back

Eat healthier

I'm really good at this until its 11 pm and I NEED chocolate or i'll literally die

Spend less money

I don't even have any money to spend

Say 'yes' more

Routine takes precedence

Meet new people

Now a Junior in college, this is harder than it was as a Freshman

Read more

School has ruined reading for me, and frankly i'm upset

Stay organized

Easy to do once, hard to maintain

Build better study habits

Maybe if i fixed #10 I could

Manage stress more efficiently

If someone actually teaches me this i'll change #new #year #new #me

Stop procrastinating

I'm procrastinating other things by writing this article (;

Travel more


With what money and time?

Improve your sleeping habits

NGL this is the one resolution I have actually done. Night time mode on your phone/computer actually saves lives, utilize it.

Spend less time on your phone/social media

Maybe you'll go on a "cleanse" for a week but the habit is hard to break especially when you need to stalk your ex or post that really killer selfie or get a good laugh from twitter

Clean out your closet

You may do this once, maybe even twice, but the rest of the year its absolute anarchy

Drink less alcohol, more water

Stopping kidding yourself

Learn a new skill/language

With what time?

Find a new hobby



Eat at home more

This becomes increasingly more hard when you remember you have to clean up


My dentist hates me

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