A recent analysis caught Hillary ahead in the polls, but also discovered that if only men voted, Trump would absolutely obliterate Clinton in the polls.

This past Wednesday, October 12, 2016, the hashtag #repealthe19th was trending on twitter with 70K+ tweets by 9pm.

Some speculate these are just bot trolls, or idiots from Reddit. Some even think it could’ve been set up by Hillary’s campaign to blame another act of blatant misogyny on Trump supporters. No one’s entirely sure, but what we do know is that this hashtag brought out the worst in some people. Sexist slurs, “go back to the kitchen” and child-bearer jokes flooded the tags, but they didn’t come without backlash. Here are five tweets that just…speak for the little hope we might have left in this nation.

1) We need time!

There’s always that stereotype that girls take longer to get ready, and we also took longer to get the vote. No surprise. So why don’t we just even the stakes a bit? Men, you’ve got more time now to apply the makeup that patriarchal society deems necessary for you to apply before you’re acceptable to leave the house. You’re welcome!

2) The Internet is here

I’m not even going to lie, this one made me laugh. But it brings up a good point; the domestic issues in this election don’t seem to vary greatly from those of the 1916 election. Are we reelecting Wilson? (Honestly I’m not sure that would be a bad bet.)

3) A-Men-Dments

…which they only use when it’s convenient. Freedom of speech, he “says it like it is,” but no freedom of religion! We have to ban all Muslims!

Are you kidding me? Sorry Trumpets, but that’s not how amendments work. Pick up a ninth-grade civics textbook sometime, it might help you out. If the vocabulary is too advanced, I’d recommend a fifth-grade social studies book. We all have to start somewhere.

4) All in the family

At this point I’m amazed that, as a female, you could support Trump. Almost especially as his progeny. Knowing your dad blatantly sexually assaulted women, that he cheated on your mom with your half-brother’s mom? He’s stated in interviews that he never had a hand in raising his children, that he felt that was his wife’s (whichever one it was) job. He brought the money, she dealt with the brats. I doubt Ivanka, or any of his kids, really, have much emotional fodder for him, but damn would it look bad if his own family turned against him. That’d be a lost inheritance.

5)God Said Unto You

In case you can’t tell, the left map is what the U.S. would look like if only men voted, and the right is if only women voted. Regardless of your affiliation, you can tell there’s a staggering difference between the majority of men and women when it comes to politics. Wow, what a surprise, that women don’t want to elect a man who’s sexually complimented his daughter’s body, who used his power to walk in Miss Teen America dressing rooms full of naked minors, who described sexual assault as “locker room talk.”

Women, it has never been more crucial for you to cast your vote this November. I know you all may not be huge Hillary fans (I’m not either, really) but, you need to pick the lesser of two evils. Not voting is no better than voting for Trump. And don’t even bother with that third-party bullshit; this is not the election to be making a political statement.

Please, #BeWithHer. To protect yourselves, not as Democrats or Republicans, not as liberals or conservatives, but simply as women. It all lies in your hands, ladies. The future is female.