Hey, Netflix, Stop Canceling The Shows That People Actually Relate To
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Hey, Netflix, Stop Canceling The Shows That People Actually Relate To

We must save "Grandma Lydia's Curtains."

Hey, Netflix, Stop Canceling The Shows That People Actually Relate To

This past week, Netflix made the decision to cancel one of their Netflix Originals "One Day At A Time" after three seasons. The show surrounded the lives of a close to average Cuban family going through the difficulties of living the American lifestyle and touching on important controversial topics that include speaking on LGBTQ+, alcoholism, PTSD, and immigration.

The popular streaming service took to Twitter to address the cancelation calling it a "very difficult decision" and that it was due to low ratings that the service couldn't reward the show with a fourth season

Netflix's announcement of "One Day At A Time" cancelationNetflix / Twitter

The news of "One Day At A Time" being on the verge to cancelation was released a week before the confirmation was made by Netflix. Fans of the show quickly took to all social media platforms and started #RenewODAAT, pleading the streaming company to renew the show as well as encourage those reviewing the hashtag to give the show a shot and see it's worth and why many are fighting to keep it running.

The central issue to viewers that are upset over this decision correlates to an ongoing, years-long discussions and debates over Netflix renewing and heavily promoting their original shows that are controversially talked about in the media more so due to viewers believing it shouldn't be shown on any form of television and it can create a sense of uncomfortableness for example, 13 Reasons Why.

Latino's stress over the fact that there isn't much representation of themselves or their lifestyles on television which is true. The importance of having a foundation of a television show like "One Day At A Time" that is explaining issues that every kind of person goes through no matter your sexuality, race, or ethnicity. At the end of the day, no matter the background, we all go through at least one type of issue that they speak about on the show and I believe that's the most important thing to take away as a fan of this show.

With the help of Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of hit Broadway show "Hamilton," Melissa Fumero, star of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and Gloria Caleron Kellett, one of the creators for the Netflix original, a new home may be coming soon to the loved series.

Lin-Manuel reassuring fans that himself, Melissa, and Gloria are plotting ways to save the showLin_Manuel / Twitter

It's incredible to see a different type of family, whom many can relate their own family to, go through some troubling topics that viewers don't see being spoken about on big time television networks; which is why #SaveODAAT continues to trend on social media with the hopes that the show will be picked up by another network.

'One Day At A Time's' Justina Machado: It's A Story About Family, Told By The Latino | NBC Latino YouTube

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