Last week, the hip-hop world was shook by rapper, Remy Ma's lengthy dis record ShEther, which exposed and exterminated much of Nicki Minaj's dirty laundry and self-acclaimed literary genius. From jabs taken at Nicki's fake butt to her support for her convicted child rapist brother, Remy's 7- minute dis record dismantled a huge part of the hip-hop empress' thrown. Several other MCs have commented on the record stating that it is not difficult to respect any of Nicki's work. Whether you are one of Nicki's barbs or a supporter of the Rem boss, there are clearly three reasons why Remy Ma came out on top of this rap beef.

1. Nicki Started It

For many people not plugged into the rap industry, this beef initially appeared to be a cry for attention from Remy Ma. There was much hear-say on who said what first and why the dis record came out with such a powerful force. But Remy Ma's appearance on the Wendy Williams show on March 3rd cleared up much of the confusion and rumors. Watching the interview, I personally felt Remy Ma appeared very poised and transparent. She was recently released from prison after serving six years for being connected to with a shooting where she was implicated in assault, weapons, possession, and coercion (Google search). Remy is focused on her children and expanding her career. She doesn't have time for the foolishness.

2. The Truth Hurts

It's one thing to spit metaphors and other literary devices to demean someone. It's another thing to expose their dirty dealings on record which made a carbon imprint in the music world. Everyone with a pair of working eyeballs can see that Nicki Minaj has had work done to her body, particularly her backside. Last week, Remy Ma posted an old, low-budget sexy photo of Nicki on Instagram. And it is sadly very obvious her buns weren't always like the big juicy ones on the cover of her single, Anaconda. Further, the deets on Nicki's record deals was spilled revealing that she does not receive as much money as she claims. O, and her brother's child molestation conviction? Ouch.

3. She Squashed It

A little more than a week later, Remy Ma told media outlets that she does not regret the dis record, but is not particularly proud of it. She admits that she feels bad about the record going so viral because all it did was tear another woman down. Remy also admitted that she and Nicki could have potentially made just as big of an impact by collaborating and making good music together.

It's always unfortunate when women do not support one another and instead attack each other. This world has so much space and opportunity for everyone to shine in some way. Yes, hip-hop culture has an embedded competitive nature and that can get pretty nasty, but it's important to take away lessons from these beefs. They teach us a thing or two about humility and graciousness. Stay humble people.