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Reminders of what should be first nature

Remember to...

Sometimes we need a few reminders of things that we think are second nature but take for granted daily. Here is a list of things to always keep in the back of your mind whether its for your own well being or those around you.

Remember to…

  • Turn off the lights.
    • Save the earth! Our planet can keep up with us but only if we take care of her.
  • Say thank you.
    • Manners go a long way. First impressions are everything especially as a young adult. Give a good one.
  • Go on a run.
    • Stay active. Getting behind on fitness is so much more draining than keeping up with your goals and staying fit because it’s what is best for you.
  • Talk about your feelings.
    • The weight of untold emotions is enormous. Let it out, trust someone to listen and understand you
  • Stand with good posture.
    • The more you look confident, the more you feel confident. Shoulders back, chin up, and take on the day
  • Be trustworthy.
    • Keep secrets, know when it is your place to step into someone else’s problem, and be the person who someone can come to
  • Help make dinner.
    • Momma could always use some help in the kitchen but more than that she wants to hear about your life! Let her hear it, she’ll appreciate it
  • Always be passionate about something.
    • Never lose the spark, constantly have at least one thing that you get excited for, whether it’s your job, activity, or hobby, let your imagination take you away
  • Respect others.
    • Respect is what I initially notice about someone. It’s the way they treat not only their superiors, but their equals as well. The amount of respect they have for others leads me to expect how much respect they have for themselves which is just as important
  • Say hi.
    • The action of a wave changes my perspective on someone. Yes there are days when you don’t feel like talking to anyone, but the simplicity of a “hello” from you can make another’s day
  • Be creative.
    • Keep track of your ideas. Each person has a unique and brilliant mind of their own. Use your creativity to inspire
  • Travel.
    • Go see the world. If not, you’re wasting this beautiful place that we were given to live on
  • Save money.
    • Be smart with your earnings. Financial security will not only give you peace, but it will change your perspective on things
  • Wash your hands.
    • Stay healthy, be clean, it may rub off on others habits too
  • Be the bigger person.
    • It is a waste of time to pity yourself, stand up for yourself but in a way that shows you can handle taking one for the team
  • Work hard.
    • Hold a strong work ethic and make it known. Show others what hard work can accomplish for them
  • Listen.
    • Hear out others, listen to their viewpoint, and learn from it
  • Pray.
    • Don’t lose sight of the One who is always on your side
  • Let loose.
    • Don’t be stressed, let go every once in a while. Run wild.
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