I want you to think about something for a second. I want you to think about every person you've ever met. Do you remember them? Do you remember the person you let go in front of you in line? Or the person you held the door for yesterday? Of course not, but you remember doing it. See that's the thing with life... we don't always remember people but we remember doing something. But that's not to say that we don't remember people. We have all probably said that we wanted to forget that nasty person or that horrible thing that happened, but we can't.

As hard as we try, we can't forget. We can't forget people who have made us smile or laugh or mad or feel any emotion. We can't forget the places we've been to and have had a lovely time at or the places we hated with a passion. We can't forget being scared or excited or sad. I think it's truly amazing how many things we can remember. If you think about it, we are remembering everyday RIGHT NOW as you read this and as I write this.

It's been almost three weeks since I left my friends at camp and when I did, I was so afraid that I was going to forget them and that they were going to forget me. That's silly to think about because they won't forget me. The day I left, my friends we texting me and they still are. I think people get so afraid that they will be forgotten, but I like to always remember the line "Just because you're out of sight, doesn't mean you're out of mind." I think about my friends all the time and I always let them know when I've been thinking about them.

The sad thing about people and all humans is that we are afraid of being forgotten to a certain degree. I know that my biggest fear is being forgotten and not being remembered. I think the reason for this is that most of us live in the future and the present. We are so worried about people remembering us and not forgetting us that we often forget the people we are with. I know that many of us struggle with people forgetting us and not feeling noticed, but we are. People notice us all the time, even if we think that people don't.

People constantly notice you just living and being you. I know that this is something I struggle with because sometimes I feel invisible, but some people who I love very much remind me I'm not. It can be hard to not feel forgotten when you look on social media and see people hanging out with all of their friends and constantly being surrounded by people. If you are able to go and do things by yourself, then you are an independent person who doesn't need to rely on others. Don't forget just how independent and strong you are.

I know that it can be difficult these days with our instant gratification to understand that no one has forgotten us if we don't get twenty texts a day. We have to understand that just because someone doesn't talk to us constantly doesn't mean that no one notices us or likes us. All it means is that we all have lives. We are all busy. No one has forgotten you, you are always being remembered. You are noticed and important and you will never be forgotten, remember that.