Remember the day you met

Her favorite shirt and comfiest shoes

The way her hair was pushed in front of her face by the wind

How you literally ran into her because neither one of you were paying attention

It wasn't her lack of grace that drew you in

It wasn't her eyes either, they were the second thing you noticed

You saw the freckles on her cheeks she hadn't noticed yet

But the freckles weren't what got you either

No, it was the way the blush in her cheeks accented everything around you

Her blue eyes stuck with you for days

You couldn't think of anything that matched that shade of blue

The greenish gold center didn't help you at all either

That was until you found that exact shade again

And once again it wasn't her clumsiness that made you want to know her

It was the way she immediately apologized

And then it was the way she laughed when she recognized you

It was the way she looked surprised when you asked her name

Instead of saying "we have to stop meeting like this"

When she gave you her number

You blushed and tried to hide it

She noticed and her giggles gave her away

You waited five more days to hear her laugh again

You waited for her in your favorite coffee shop

It was her favorite too

You were too nervous to notice her walk in

It was a round of giggles that made you look up

The flare of jealousy in your chest made you realize what you had been denying

You didn't even know her yet

She didn't show up to class one day

She didn't answer your texts

Or your calls

She left all your Snapchat's opened

Later you learned why

And now you know what to do

Because you're there

Some days she rolls over with a smile

And you swear she's your own angel

Other days she curls up in a ball

And you know she's become her own demon

Those are the days you make her coffee and bring her back to Earth

You make her laugh about anything

You distract her because you know

That the imagination you found beautiful when you met

Is also one of the darkest places she's been

You know her biggest struggle is trusting herself

Being reminded of how far she has come

Only makes her think of how much farther she has to go

You don't know this,

But you make her not care about the distance

Not everything is perfect

You guys fight sometimes

But coffee and books help you both see each other's sides

Sometimes she goes through her bad days alone

You are always on the other side of the door when she unlocks it

Armed with blankets and the sense of calm she can't seem to find in herself

You promised each other you wouldn't go through things alone

And the promise hasn't been broken

She tells you her side of the story of how you met

You fall in love with how much detail she remembers

You only remembered her

She remembered the sky and the way the corners of your eyes looked when you squinted

You were surprised when she said your eyes

And the grass that day were the same shade of green

You told her you loved her

You knew her by then

That was all she wanted

She married you two years later

Now you remember the day you met

Your first date

Her first bad day

Later that same day when she spilled coffee on the white bed sheets

And you knew you were in love

The day you told her "I love you" and she didn't stop smiling until the next day

Most of all you remember the day you proposed

She remembers how you almost lost the ring a week before

You thought she didn't know

She remembers your face when she said "yes"

You both remember your wedding

How her anxieties disappeared when she saw you at the end of the aisle

You swear you still have marks from how tightly she squeezed your hand

When she had your first born

She still has bad days

You still help her through them

The baby helps too

You just tell her

Remember the day we met