Religious School for the Non-Religious

When, looking for a college, most kids steer towards the school known for partying or the one that their friend is attending. Most kids will go to a public college if they went to a public school, and those who went to a religious private school will most likely go to a private religious school. Of course, there are the few exceptions, me being one of them. I went to a public high school, and have never been very religious. Yet, here I am in a private Catholic university. I can explain how I got here and I can tell you why I like being here, but one question I always get (right after I tell people I am not religious) is how terrible is it to be forced to accept the school's religion? Well let me clear a few things up. While the school has a religion, they are not pushing their religion on me. I am not required to attend mass or participate in any religious activities that I do not want to. I am required to take a theology course, which definitely sucked. But as far as 'pushing the religion on me,' that's the worse they have done. And many of my peers are not strictly catholic or even catholic at all. So when people question why I would ever put myself through such a terrible thing such as a Catholic university, I just laugh. While it has its drawbacks (yes, I'm talking theology and a lack of a party scene), it is no different from a public school. It is small and quiet and perfect for me regardless of it having a strong focus on God. Then again, I believe God does need to be incorporated back into society, so that may play a role.

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