Relationships Redefined

Relationships have been redefined into many different concepts. Sadly, as a result, some of these definitions have reduced the value in the true definition of having a relationship. I have no interest in giving some adequate definition of a relationship, nor is it my intention to encourage anyone to take the idea of being in a relationship with someone more seriously. That should be common sense.

Keep in mind that relationships are not limited to romance. It includes: parent and child, friends, siblings, family, etcetera. Also, relationships are not a bad thing -- either they work, or you learn from them.

The simple fact is this: not everyone is meant to stay. This already says everything that needs to be said, and to an extent we are very well aware of this fact. Nevertheless, it can be a hard pill to swallow, especially when the relationship is one that has lasted for years or one you have given a lot to.

As a little girl, after watching my father walk out, I did my best to keep everyone I met in my life because I could not help but feel that if they were all leaving, I had to be the problem. No matter what I did, if they wanted to leave, they would, and for a while, I would hold it against them. Over the years it has become easier to be forgiving and accepting of people’s actions in my life, because I learned that no matter how deep or long a relationship is, I can only control and account for my actions, not theirs. It also dawned on me that it hurts more to keep people who do not want to be close.

I guess this is a heads up to those whose lover, father, friend, or mother walked out of their lives, as well as a reminder to all who forgot that not everyone is meant to stay.

You will be fine.
It will get better.
Let them go.

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