I am currently in over 20 relationships. 5 of them of with celebrities that don’t know I even exist and the other 15 of them are from books I’ve read. Yes, I could probably be upset over the fact that I don’t have an actual relationship with an actual living, breathing guy but I feel like those relationships are going out of style anyway. Basically I dare to be different in every aspect of my life, including my surplus of relationships. Obviously Chad Michael Murray and I have been married the longest and are still going strong. It is a known fact to people that we are an item. Ian Somerhalder comes in hot (literally and figuratively) as the second runner up to Chad. The list goes on and on but when I don’t get my fill from my fantasy relationships in my head then I turn to my books.

I LOVE romantic comedy movies. I also am OBSESSED with romance novels. While some people complain that Dan/John/Brad/Keith hasn’t texted them back after that party Saturday night I am sitting pretty in my bed deciding if I should choose Peeta or Gale to have children with, not bad choices if you ask me. I am not saying I am hermit. I do have some semblance of a social life and do talk to people of the opposite sex but I know that if nothing ever happens with the few men in my life then I can turn to my books. Obviously it would be ideal if an actual boy liked me and I liked him back but we can’t always get what we want. Not that I’m complaining because books are my lifeline. Characters in books love you unconditionally and are there to pick you up when you just need a little love. My books are worn and torn; guiltily some parts may even be highlighted with my favorite romantic parts of the story. If I’m upset that Dan/John/Brad/Keith pretended like I didn’t exist when we saw each other then I can simply just flip to the page in Roomies where Graham and Kennedy finally admit that they love each other (sorry that was a spoiler but I still highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to the masses).

So my relationships all may be with literary characters that aren’t as well known as Mr. Darcy but trust me they should be. Therefore, instead of dwelling over a recent break up or unanswered text message I take out a book and read it. Get lost in the stories of the characters and put yourself in the main characters shoes. Pretend that you are stuck in the greatest love triangle in history or that your ex-cheating boyfriend realized the errors of his ways and is desperately pleading for your forgiveness. It’s fun I promise.

Yes reading romantic novels may set your expectations for guys to high, but don’t feel bad about that. These books are here to show you all that a guy can do if he is truly in love with you. Maybe Prince Charming doesn’t exist but he definitely exists in books. Who wouldn’t want a guy to fight for her? A guy who would bring over hot soup when you are in bed with a cold? A guy who would drop everything in an instant the moment you said something was wrong? Or even a guy that just complimented you and thinks so highly of you? YES please to all the above. Books allow you to escape to a less messy, romantic world that will provide you with solace in times where you just need to know that love is real. Judge my 20 fictional relationships but all of them support me and are always there for me. What more could I ask for?