I have always been frustrated about my place in the universe as an Aries. There are some occasional similarities, but I mostly never relate to anything Aries-related. The stereotype is that Aries people are aggressive, outgoing, extroverted, and high-tempered... but that's not me. This really annoyed me until I discovered stelliums.

A stellium is when you have two or more planets in the same sign. I have three planets in Pisces. The interesting thing is, if I had been asked to choose one sign that I relate to the most, before even looking at my full natal chart, I would've said Pisces. When I saw that I have a Pisces stellium, everything made sense. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are all in Pisces. It's important to note that not everyone has a stellium. It's also pertinent to remember that stelliums only occur when you have two or more planets in the same sign. If your "stellium" includes the Moon, Lilith, or a house... then it doesn't count.

If you don't have a stellium, try looking at your moon sign. That could be the sign you connect to more. My moon sign is also Aries, so this didn't change much for me.

To find your full natal chart go to Cafe Astrology and enter your birth information. For the most accurate information you need to also know the time and location of your birth, as well as the day/year. This will show you a full natal chart with planets, houses, and other astrological identifiers.

If you don't have a stellium and don't relate to your sun or moon signs, try figuring out which sign you do connect with the most. Examine your natal chart and see if you have that sign anywhere. And even if you don't have it in your natal chart, claim it anyway. There's no reason why you can't take part in astrology and enjoy horoscopes.

My last piece of advice? Maybe you're more like your sun sign than you think. I'm nothing like most of the Aries stereotypes, but there are certain aspects I see in myself. I now refer to myself as an Aries/Pisces. Be open-minded and embrace more than one sign.