The worst thing about college is planning for classes. There are a good amount of rough things that occur during college, like classes and weather and food, occasionally. However, The absolute worst thing about college is planning your classes for the next semester. I know that I probably don't make any sense at all right now, but I also don't ever make a lot of sense and I always have something to complain about. It's one of my best personality traits. And one of the worst, but I'm the one writing the article and I get to say what I want to say in this.

I have a reason for disliking doing this. Registering for classes the next semester is trying to plan for a person that you are not. You occasionally magically think that you will be able to wake up daily for a nine am class. I did that once, and I almost dropped out of college. That's a little bit dramatic but also a little bit true. After that, there was the time that I decided to have class FOR EIGHT HOURS ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS SO I ONLY HAD CLASS TWO DAYS A WEEK AND ALMOST DIED. Registering for classes is making decisions for a future you that you cannot make.

You also have to decide whether or not you are going to enjoy the classes that you are taking. It sounds like a great idea to take three English classes because you are an English major and all that, but having them in a row on the same days sometimes is terrible.

A certain class sounds great in the description, but then you take the class and it might be terrible.

It's deciding how many classes to take now so you know how many classes that you will take later on and it's a lot of pressure. If you mess up you might not be able to graduate on time and that is terrible and very stressful. And then you might not be able to get into the class that you want to take and plans get messed up AND IT IS A LOT OF PRESSURE.

If no one can tell, I need to register for classes soon and I am already stressed. I need April 1st to be over to my classes are registered frond I am in the classes that I want and life is good again. Also, I made some poor decisions when registering for classes last semester and if you ever want to know how to not register for classes, just ask me.