I Refuse to do NOTHING and Live Life in Fear
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I Refuse to do NOTHING and Live Life in Fear

How many more lives are we going to loose before anything is done?

I Refuse to do NOTHING and Live Life in Fear

I don't want to live in a world centered around hate.

I don't want to live in a world centered around fear.

Why are we living like this?

Do you want to raise your kids in a place like this?

Do you want to watch you siblings grow up in this mess ?

I want to be able to go to the mall, a concert, and even college without fear of being attacked because I'm a “soft target”. What has this world become, when we can’t walk into a public place without the fear of a large or small scale attack on human beings.

So what, what color, where your from, what race, what gender, what sexuality, WE are still human. Maybe we have forgotten that we are still united by that very one thing, we are still human beings.

I can’t scroll down my Facebook page without seeing some racist video, or information on domestic terrorist bombings. This is what our world is centered on, and I'm in fear that not only I could very well be harmed but that society has lost the humanity to fix the mistakes that have brought us to have these fears.

I don't care who are president is, all I care about is being able to feel safe bringing my future children to the park, or the movies or walking down the God dam street. We need to fix what is already so broken, so that human beings, people, brothers, sisters, partners,children, friends, no longer have to fear what they should be enjoying.

You want to a carry a gun? Go Ahead

You want to deport all undocumented citizens? Go Ahead

But what are you going to do to restore humanity?

You are forgetting, the people that strap bombs to their chests, their human beings first,

The people that walk into elementary schools with autonomic weapons, their human beings FIRST.

How are you going to restore humanity, so we don't have people creating tragedies.

Tragedies are not meant to be created, they are meant to be accidents, and natural disasters. But because of the lack of humanity, we are creating tragedies and doing nothing to restore the good.

How many more lives are we going to loose before anything is done?

This world is a incredible place, why should I or anyone be limited on seeing everything it has to offer because of fear? I don't want to live this life in fear and I don't think anyone else does, so why are we doing NOTHING to change it?

We can not relay on one politician no matter who he is, we have to relay on ourselves to see the missing pieces of our society and do something. Im not saying go out there and buy a gun because it makes you feel safe. Im saying restore humanity, restore kindness, remember that people are human beings first, before they are a religion, or a cause, or a mental illness.

Start there.

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