Reflecting On My Sophomore Year

Sophomore year of college was quite the journey. My boyfriend moved up to the same college as me, I changed my major and learned so much about myself. This year challenged me in a way that can only be described as amazing.

I started the year off strong in the fall semester. I was on top of my school work, losing weight, overall very productive. I was in the same routine I was in all freshman year. The only difference was now my boyfriend is up here and we are no longer 5 hours apart. This was great but made me realize how much I love being independent. I learned that I need to be able to do my own thing in a relationship to be able to stay sane and happy. We coexist while pursuing our own goals and it is a lovely way to have a relationship.

I met my best friend. We had known of each other for a while and randomly decided to go to a concert together in September. She made me realize that I need a support system and thrive on supporting others and just having a great group of friends. For the first time, I knew I had friends who had my back. That is one of my favorite lessons I have learned this year. Never settle for bad friends just to be surrounded by people. Wait for those who lift you up, support you and better your life.

Then, I started getting lazy. I didn't like the classes I was in, I stopped working out, and got unmotivated. This happened for weeks and made me realize I thrive with a routine and I need to keep myself busy to stay on track and reach my goals.

I changed my major in the spring and it was one of the most amazing things I could've done for myself. I found a new reason to work harder, to care. It's ok to change your mind and experience new things.

All in all, sophomore year taught me to keep going and stay motivated.

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