Reflect And You'll Be Proud of What You've Accomplished

Reflecting On Your Year Isn't Bad, It Allows You To Look Back At All Of Your Accomplishments

A year can never truly "suck." You're alive at the end of another year, and that's important.

I'm positive I'm not the only one that does a bit reflecting during December. In fact, my reflecting during December makes me excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead.

I already have several things that have me stressed for Spring semester and the beginning of the year, but this means I really have something to live for.

Being reflective especially regarding the year 2018 allows me to realize how truly fortunate I am to be here.

At the beginning of the year, I got stitches for the very first time after cutting myself on a broken mug and that feels ages ago-- not just months ago. I have moved about three times in the past year too which is usually exhausting but again, that feels ages ago too.

The concept of time is incredible and just a year can be so filled with new experiences and times that make you feel like giving up.

I've had my fair share of lows during this year, and after reflecting on how I'm still alive-- I realize I am lucky. And when I also realize how fortunate I am to have everyone that I began the year with continue to be in my life for the next year, I feel happy about that because I have already rid myself of toxic friendships and relationships.

This upcoming year will be busy and fulfilling and I'm excited about what is on my path because a new year is full of opportunity and it is full of promise.

I haven't been too keen on reflecting on the year 2018 because it's been a heck of a mess (outside of my personal life) and it's incredibly easy to avoid thinking about. But I simply am unable to avoid reflecting on everything that's happened in the US alone because everything is such a mess and I want to become more involved in the next year when it comes to being more environmentally conscious and more politically involved.

A new year is full of so many new opportunities but a new year is not the only time to decide to change.

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