In the NFC Championship Game in 2019, there was one of the egregious missed calls in NFL history, which led to the change that would allow teams to challenge pass interference calls. Since the rule change, it has been clear that the officiating on the field has gotten worse, as officials are more and more scared to overturn calls on the field so they don't look as bad. Is there one person to blame for what is happening, or is it just a collection of bad officials in the NFL, which are leading to outcry from not only fans, but players as well.

1. Who's On Top Of The Mountain


Whenever a team challenges a play, or a review is called upon, the NFL officials will walk over to a 7-inch, by 7-inch screen and watch the play with an official who has multiple TV angles in New York City. That man if Alberto Riverron, who is now one of the most hated people in the NFL community. On an episode of The Pat McAfee Show, the host, Pat McAfee, made a proclamation that Riveron, along with refs across the country are not overturning calls on the field as a form a protest to the NFL. If that is case, then the NFL needs to amend these changes, as people's livelihoods are being affected by the calls on the field, and the calls that these officials are making. Heaven forbid that someone loses a Super Bowl on a obvious blown call that Riveron, won't overturn, that will change someone's life.

2. How To Fix This Issue


There are many ways to fix this issue, one way that many people quickly point to is the addition of robotic officials, while that seems the clear route, there still needs to be a human element of football, while that human element has been worse than ever, it does keep the integrity of the game. Another idea that has been thrown around is having an extra official, just like in college football, but he is in a room in the press box, and he can call down to the on-field officials if there is a missed call, and fix that issue. The latter seems like the most likely scenario, if that clown Rodger Godell ever fixes the league he has ruined, as the people in the booth would have all the angles and could help speed up the game by saving officials time on reviews, and the amount of flags that are being thrown in 2019.