Dear Red Sox,

You are the 2018 champions.

You made history.

After 108 wins in the regular season.

You then won the World Series.

I am so amazed by my team.

You never fail to surprise me.

Watching you play is always enjoyable.

Thank you for playing an amazing season.

I am so proud to be a Red Sox fan.

I am so proud to be able to watch throughout all the years and see all the wins.

To be able to look back at 2004 season and the Curse of the Bambino.

That world series win was life-changing.

It showed that through strength, determination, and perseverance we can win.

That moment I sat in awe watching that game.

I was so proud that that was my team.

I couldn't stop smiling and jumping on the bed.

Then 2007 happened.

I can clearly remember that night in October.

Jumping up and down on the bed again. So excited.

My dad got to see one last World Series win.

And I know that made him so happy.

We then had to wait until 2013.

All season we were Boston Strong.

Because it was "our f*cking city"

Thanks, Big Papi for that one.

That win was so rewarding after the tragedy that the city faced that April.

But here's to 2018.

Here's to the determination.

Here's to the blood, sweat, and tears.

Here's to the strength.

Thank you Red Sox for winning.

Thank you Red Sox for making me love baseball.

Thank you Red Sox for being the team that I love.

Thank you for making me feel close to my dad when I watch.

I know he has watched every game.

He is the reason I became a Red Sox fan.

All I want to do is call him when the Red Sox do something good or a player makes a stupid play.

But all I can do is wrap myself in his Red Sox blanket and smile knowing he is watching right along with me.

And that will never change.

So here's to you dad, they won for you.

Now here's to 2019, let's see if we can do it again.

We are Boston Strong.

From a loyal Sox fan.