My Red Hair And Tattoos Affect My Work Ethic
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My Red Hair And Tattoos Affect My Work Ethic

Never Thought This Would Happen

My Red Hair And Tattoos Affect My Work Ethic

I thought it was a joke when they told me that I couldn't work as a phone operator for a local clinic. The interviewer asked me if I was going to change my hair color as it's unnatural and not allowed. I was stubborn and did not do as told which led to me not getting the job. At the time I could not see the reason why I needed to change my hair color for the job. Little did I know that my poor choice will affect me wherever I go.

I'm currently working as a hand sorter in a pistachio plant. I continued to dye my hair different colors such as pink , blue , purple etc. I noticed something immediately. As I was starting to work I kept staring at my vibrant red strands to the point where I would stop working completely as if in a trance. This resulted in lack of focus and the attention of my supervisors. The harder I tried to pay attention the worse it got.

The tattoos are worse. I got two big colorful tattoos on both forearms. Whenever I grab something or in talking to someone and doing hand motions I go blank. The vibrant colors and design grab my attention. I should've chosen a more bland style.

If the above sounded ridiculous well that's because it is. Even though I was qualified I did not get a job because of my hair. I love to express myself through my style and to have that taken away from me shakes my core. When I think of professionalism I think of someone who is approachable and polite. Someone who genuinely wants to help me. I have talked to people with nice looking suits who were rude and nasty. What I'm trying to say is get to know the person because you may just like their soul.

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