10 Red Bubble Stickers You Need On Your Laptop

It seems like every college student brings their laptop to class and it is full of stickers. If you want to start your sticker collection these are the 10 type of stickers you will need!

1. A funny pun 


2. Something super relatable

La Croix

3. A super cute animal 


4. Something that makes you seem adventurous 

World Map

5. An Avocado... Thanks 

Cute Avocado

6. Something about your favorite show 

Ricky & Morty

7. Starbucks logo

Starbucks Witches Brew

8. Your name so you will never lose your laptop 


9. The college you go to

GO Cocks

10. Another funny pun 

Bad Pun

RedBubble has the best stickers for you and all your friends to put on a laptop! Check it out and make a purchase.

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