Spring break is a time like no other. It means an excuse to get away to somewhere warm, a relief from the constant pressures of school, and nothing free time. This also means that coming back to school after spring break can be a bit of a bummer. But those of you suffering from the post-Spring Break blues, have no fear! Here are ten easy steps for you to recover from them.

Step One: Recreate the environment of your vacation in your dorm room.

Were you hiking in the mountains over break? Were you laying on the beach? Were you skiing in Colorado? The good news is that all these places can be easily reproduced in a 228 square foot dorm room. Just plaster pictures of wherever you went to spring break on your walls and dump grass/sand/fake snow all over the floor of your room; it'll feel like you never left your vacation spot!

Step Two: Skip all your classes, lectures, and discussions.

It's not Spring Break if you have class! Simple solution: don't go! Classes are for squares and people not on break. You're neither of those, so sit yourself down in your dorm room paradise and stay there. Your GPA may not thank you for it, but your Spring Break mentality will.

Step Three: Use your dining hall to create makeshift spring break food and drinks.

All your beachside favorites are totally re-creatable in your favorite on-campus dining halls. Want a piña colada? Simply substitute coconut for mildly overripe bananas and pineapple for canned peaches and it's basically the same drink!

Step Four: Get a spray tan.

The best part of spring break is coming back with a golden-brown body, so obviously getting a spray tan is a must. Remember the golden rule of spray tanning: the more orange the better. If you resemble anything less than a giant orange blob, nobody will believe that you're still on spring break! So, tan up.

Step Five: Talk about nothing but your spring break to all your friends for the rest of the semester.

If you keep talking about your spring break, you'll feel like you're there and the post-spring break blues won't hit you. So, make sure you describe every minute detail to all your friends, classmates, and professors at every chance you get for as long as you possibly can. This won't annoy them because they probably still wish they were on spring break too and love hearing about your life all the time!

If you follow these steps, Spring Break will feel like it never ended. As a result, you'll never feel the hit of the post-Spring Break blues at the simple expense of your GPA, dorm room, and friends! A small price to pay to make that heavenly week last forever.