New England consists of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. There is no better way to know you're not from New England than being confused by literally everything "New England."

1. You don't know what a grinder is.

You walk into the Student Union and you have to ask the person next to you “What is a chicken parm grinder?” because at home you call it a “sub,” “hoagie” or “hero.”

2. When people say they're going on a “packie run” you think they mean UPS store.

A “package run” or “I'm going on a packie run” means “I'm going to the liquor store” or “I’m going to buy alcohol.” I actually asked a person where I could find a UPS store the first time I heard someone say this.

3. What is “wicked?"

Like what? Isn’t this a Broadway show? It just means cool or awesome. Just say cool or awesome...

4. You don't know what the Big E is.

It's a giant carnival in New England with rides, animals and petting zoos and deep fried food to give you heart attacks. 10/10 recommend going if you haven't.

5. "The city” can either mean Boston or New York.

The city to me will always be New York and nothing will ever compare but some people up here refer to Boston as “the city”. Just no.

6. You don't know what a “bubbler” is.

Yeah, what even is that? Apparently its a water fountain. I've heard people say “I have to go to the bubbla” Don't worry; I'm still just as confused as you are.

7. You hate the Pats and every Boston team.

All New Jerseyans/New Yorkers HATE the Pats with all their heart. We will never be a fan of them nor will we ever root for them. It’s as simple as that.

8. The bagels are absolutely horrible.

There is nothing like a fresh New Jersey bagel in the morning. These are just nasty.

9. Sprinkles here are called “Jimmies.”

Sprinkles are sprinkles, enough said.

10. They have funny accents.

They said “rum” instead of “room.” They say “dunks.” “Draw” instead of “drawer,” “Beah” vs. “Beer,” “Saddadee” vs. Saturday” I think you get the point.

11. You actually know how to parallel park.

Parallel parking is not on their driving test. Most people fail their tests because of parallel parking and they don't even have to do it! That's not fair.

12. Its always raining or snowing.

You wonder why you always have to have your raincoat and rain boots out. I just want warm sunny weather! The sun will come out tomorrow (we are praying).

Don't get me wrong, I love New England and it is great and all, but I would never trade Jersey for it.