7 Reasons You Should Give Yoga A Try

Yoga, something I have come to find and love as a perfect stress reliever. I know when my muscles feel tight, I'll just go over to the campus recreation center for yoga class which helps me relax my body. I always feel lighter when walking out of the class but it's a great thing to get into too.

Besides yoga making me tired and ready to pass out since I'm so relaxed, here are some great benefits of why yoga is a must.

1. De-Stresser

Yoga acts as a relaxer for the body which helps the built-up tension leave your body. Along with that, it helps relax your mind. Think about it, when you become stressed out your mind becomes busy with thoughts, what ifs, etc. Yoga helps slow down your mind so you can focus on one thought at a time.

It also helps develop a connection with your mind and body. When both are connected there's a greater sense of harmony and helps you understand how your mind works better.

2. Builds muscle strength

Yes, yoga does help build muscle strength. When doing different poses, you are using different muscles to help hold that pose or position. It helps builds strength, tone, and definition. It helps tone all your over body in one go. It's just as effective as lifting. But, many yoga professionals say to not always rely on yoga either for strength building.

3. Improves flexibility

Like I mentioned before, yoga helps release tension throughout our body and stretching goes along with releasing tension. Whenever you have a muscle what's the first thing you do? Stretch it. It helps loosens the tight muscle. As you continuously do yoga, the more flexible your body becomes.

4. Helps with posture

Most of us are sitting down throughout the day which creates back problems and overall, sitting for the most of the day is not healthy for our bodies. Yoga helps create a better alignment throughout our body, especially when our spine can adapt to abnormal curves.

5. Increase blood flow

There are many different poses that help improve your blood circulation. When doing yoga, stretching, relaxing your muscle and deep breathing helps your blood flow more easily throughout the body.

6. Lower risk of injuries

Most injuries are a pulled a muscle or pain. Yoga helps prevent and recover from such injuries. It relaxes the muscles when experiencing an injury but also helps prevent it by becoming aware of different places of your body. It helps all athletes when experiencing pain.

7. Benefits your breathing

Yoga forces you to focus on your breathing. Focusing on your breathing can help relax your body. The deeper and longer breaths you take, the more likely your body will be able to relax faster. It also benefits when you are experiencing anxiety and muscle cramps or pains. By focusing on relaxing and slowing your breath, it helps relaxes the rest of the body to relieve the anxiety and pain.

The best part of yoga is everyone can do it, and you can do it anywhere. At home, beach, in a class or wherever. You don't even need to be expert to do yoga, there are all kinds of types, intensities, etc. of yoga that you can use to your benefit.

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