Let's face it, food is a part of our everyday lives. We eat it, we dream about it and we spend our money on it. Since coming to college, I have realized the importance of food and how much I value it. College food is not the best food a student will ever eat and college food will make you appreciate all of the great food you get at home. At this point, I am most excited to go home for the summer because of the copious amount of "real" food I will be consuming.

Here is a list of 12 reasons why you should love your food -

1. Food is a great go-to for expressing your feelings.

Whether you're getting over a breakup or just really stressed, food will be there. Break-up ice cream is the best ice cream.

2. Food is rewarding.

At least in my household, whenever I got an A on a big exam or project, I always got to go out to eat to my favorite place. Thanks, Mom.

3. Going to get food makes for a great first date.

First dates are always better if you go out to a restaurant. Pizza and small talk could be the start to a great relationship.

4. Food completes family holidays.

Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without the turkey and casserole, am I right?

5. You can make and eat food any way you want to.

There are literally so many ways you can make and eat food. Have you ever tried cheese and sour cream in your mashed potatoes? Do it.

6. Food makes living in America 10 times better.

American food is the best food, no doubt about it. You can't go wrong with a big ole' cheeseburger.

7. One bite of your favorite food on a bad day can instantly change your mood.

Pizza will change your life, y'all.

8. The right food can fulfill a day's worth of cravings.

Until you get that fried chicken, your day will be incomplete.

9. Food is fast and easy.

Fast food is the easiest way to get your craving fixed. You're in the line and then you're out of the line. Simple.

10. Bacon, it's self-explanatory.

The title says it all. I personally cannot live without bacon.

11. Food gives you an excuse to sort of work out and go to the gym.

Personally, after eating a huge meal, I feel the need to go to the gym. The gym is good right? Not saying I'd actually go, but...

12. At the end of the day, you'll realize that food is all you need.

What more is there to say? Food is there for the highs and the lows in life.