Long-distance relationships are not easy nor are they for the weak, but they are so rewarding. There is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing that person after it has been so long since you have last seen them. Whether it is a month or 6 months, nothing compares to the moment you lock eyes for the first time in a long time.

1. Nothing, I mean nothing, is better than finally getting a FaceTime date in after a few weeks.

Making time for those little FaceTime dates is the key to every long-distance relationship. You each have your own lives so it is the best feeling to finally find time to have a little "face-to-face" conversations.

2. Life moves on when they aren't there.

This was the hardest adjustment for me. Your significant other has a whole other life that you are not a part of because you don't live where he/she is. But, life does not care. It keeps on going even if you are not together.

3. Distance truly makes the heart grow fonder.

I know that is so cheesy, but there is no greater feeling than seeing him/her after an extended period of time (and when I say nothing, I literally mean nothing compares). There is just something about being back in their presence again that just makes the world go back together for the time you two are together. It is the BEST feeling and I know you all can agree with me on that.

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4. They are not for the weak, let me tell ya.

Long-distance is not for everyone. It is so easy to argue with someone when you can't see their face. It is so easy to get mad at something you can't see for yourself because you have already envisioned how it must be. Y'all, it is so easy to just cover the bad day up and every struggle and act like it is all okay. Yet it also so easy to just let every issue and bad thing that day out on the other person and get so mad because they just don't understand. You just have to be strong, simple as that.

5. Catching up with life when you see each other is so fun.

This is my favorite part. It is like talking non-stop. So many happy conversations and sharing of memories with the other that just have to be explained in person.

6. Little things are the big things.

Like riding in the others car or singing along to the radio for two hours. Or simply eating at the fast food restaurant in town. Or just like sitting on the couch together literally makes you so happy.

To tie it all together, long-distance is beyond hard but is so worth it. Time with that person become preference because no one gets how much you miss them. It is hard to explain to your friends and sometimes you just miss them so much it hurts. Other days, it's easier because you are the only person you have to worry about because he/she is not in the town. It has its highs and has many lows, but nothing makes you want to truly quit and the highs always outweigh the lows.