Kids are great and all. They are cute and it gives you so much joy to watch them grow, but let's be honest there are some reasons not to have them.

This summer, I worked at a restaurant. Naturally, I ran into a lot of children and their family. Throughout the first part of summer, I kept telling my coworkers that every day there was something that had happened that would be a reason not to have children. So, here is the list I created.

1. They are incredibly wasteful.

I had a little girl, about 7, order some mac & cheese and french fries. The girl ate maybe three french fries and two bites of mac & cheese. But do not worry, if this is your kid, you still pay for all of it and the kid does not want to bring it home!

2. Sharing is a foreign concept.

One of my tables had about four different kids that were all under the age of 10. Three had ordered side orders of french fries, the last girl was about 4 years old. She wanted french fries but she wanted her own fries basket, throwing a fit about not wanting to share. When I cleared the table later, her basket was full... and untouched.

3. Sticky, sticky, sticky...

Some how they manage to get sticky... in every situation... and make everything else sticky too.

4. We are going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship....

We are going on a trip, in our favorite rocket ship, going through the sky.... these songs will be in your head for years.

5. Messy

They do not clean up after themselves and they are capable of destroying a rome in a few seconds.

6. What is inside voice?

Screaming in restaurants or any location that they are not suppose to be

7. They are expensive

Food, clothing they grow out of in 5 weeks, and everything that they want in the store when you go.

8. No cursing

Somehow you are suppose to turn off the inner sailor in you.

9. Pee, poop, vomit... and so much more


Theres not much more to say...

10. Chuck E Cheese's... Disney....

Money sucking pits... that EVERY KID LOVES.