5 Reasons to watch 'This Is Us'
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5 Reasons to watch 'This Is Us'

5 Reasons to watch 'This Is Us'

This past fall brought many new shows to our TV screens. One show, in particular, brought about one of the best fandoms that I haven't noticed since a show like The Office or Grey's Anatomy. The show 'This Is Us' is the biggest tearjerker to ever hit television. Even from the start, it was a smash hit from having one of the biggest plot twists and a renewal for 2 seasons. From the family ties, death, love, fights, and other heartbreakers this is why 'This Is Us' is a mandatory show. Just before the new season starts, here are 5 reasons to catch up before the 2nd season.

1. The Creator

Dan Fogelman. The name is enough to make you burst into years. Fogelman can create such a pure situation that will make you rethink your life. The fact that he created a show that resonates with so many people is breathtaking. He in a word is a visionary. This man has such a beautiful mind and I am so glad I get to see his work once again in a week.

2. The Acting

OH BOY... I could write pages about the wonderful actors and actresses that were chosen to portray these roles. I truly believe if it weren't these people playing their parts the show would not be what it is. Let alone the fact that through the first season it was nominated for 10 EMMYS! Start off with Milo Ventimiglia who made every woman believe there is a perfect guy. Mandy Moore who shows the difficulty that truly lies behind being a mother. Justin Hartley who makes a jerk into a true sweetheart. Chrissy Metz the girl who makes you feel every emotion. Sterling K. Brown the guy who tries to make his life better even though it started rough. Not to mention the kid actors who were chosen to bring life to these characters. There are many other talented actors that make the show what it is, this includes Susan Kelechi Watson, Chris Sullivan, Ron Cephas Jones, Jon Huertas, Gerald McRaney, Logan Shoryer, Hannah Zeile, Niles Fitch, Parker Bates, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, Lonnie Chavis, Eris Baker, and Faithe Herman. Also, Congratulations Sterling on your Emmy win!

3. The Relationships

From soulmates to siblings the relationships in the show make you believe in love and all the possibilities it has to offer. Jack & Rebecca, Beth & Randall, Kate & Toby, and Kevin & Sophie have their own pure stories. These relationships show the struggles that lie within every love story. Not only the love stories but the family love that touches all hearts of fans. Even through the struggles, Kevin, Kate, and Randall will always love each other and be there for one another. GO BIG THREE!

4. The Crying

I was never a real emotional person and then I started watching the show. The first episode makes your jaw literally drop and tears race down your face. Throughout the season, there were many episodes... who am I kidding all the episodes made me a complete and total wreck. I have never really got into a show until 'This Is Us' and there is no doubt that I will cry every time. There is such a connection that the show has with the audience that might make you cry but definitely will make you bawl your eyes out. Bring on the tears season 2!

5. The Reality

Real life. Majority of the world can agree that this show connects with every human. Through every fight, loss, new found love, and struggle it is what every life faces. There is so much that happens in one episode that could describe a year you had. It is one of the only shows that deals with everyday problems and faces them head on. A show that is so real and so alluring by not coming up with an impractical story line. This is more than just a show. This is more than just a story. This Is Us.

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