Why You Have To Go See Avengers: Endgame Right This Second
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I Loved 'Avengers: Endgame' 3000 And Everyone Needs To Go See It Right This Second

Trust me, you won't regret it

I Loved 'Avengers: Endgame' 3000 And Everyone Needs To Go See It Right This Second

If you're a fan of marvel you have probably seen Endgame by now. If you haven't, you're probably hiding away and refusing to look at any social media to avoid spoilers! There are A LOT of spoilers everywhere, so if you have not yet seen the film, LOG OUT of everything right this minute; nothing is safe anymore! Trust me, you will want to see everything in this film for yourself in the way it was meant to be seen!

I was never interested in superhero movies growing up. I was an only child until I was ten, so my parents mainly had me watch "girly" shows. My little brother loves anything superhero related and has way too many marvel legos in his room. Even though my brother was into all the heroes, I didn't pay much attention to them until I started dating my boyfriend, who made me watch all the Marvel movies in order before he took me to watch Infinity War last April.

At the time, I questioned why I needed to watch ALL of them in order because there were so many. I thought I wouldn't be interested in them at all because superhero movies were never my cup of tea. After watching them, I realized why so many people love them. Some movies were better than others, but I can genuinely say, they all created an amazing story. I didn't know the movies were funny and witty and I definitely did not understand how they all tied together until I watched Infinity War. I am so grateful that my boyfriend watched all those movies with me and got me into them.

I was highly impressed with how all the characters came together in Infinity War. It was like watching an episode of "That's So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana" but better. I watched "Infinity War" four times after seeing it for the first time, and eagerly awaited Endgame to come out.

After a year and two days of avoiding spoilers with my boyfriend, we watched the film. Three hours in a theatre seems like a lot, and it is, but when you're highly entertained, it does not seem like much. The movie was beautifully directed and made. The final battle scene was the most intense scene I've ever seen. Watching all the Avengers pop out to help defeat Thanos was incredible.


The highlights of the film for me were:

-Captain America being worthy and picking up Thor's Hammer (Age of Ultron predicted it)

-Captain Marvel entering the Atmosphere

-Scarlett Witch's fight against Thanos

-Spider-man stopping mid-battle to say, "Hi, I'm Peter Parker"

-Doctor Strange predicting the end

-Tony Stark meeting his father in the past

-Morgan Stark's existence

-Ant-Man saved by a rat

-Thor and his cheese whiz blood

-Stan Lee's final cameo

-Rocket the build a bear

-Black Widow giving her life up for the soul stone

-Captain America's dance with Peggy

-"Proof the Tony Stark has a heart"

-"Avengers, assemble"

-"I love you 3000"

I do not cry easily during movies, but this movie had tears streaming down my face for the entirety of the last 30 minutes. There were some very sad moments and many sentimental moments. Bring tissues.

The theme song is still stuck in my head a week later and I cannot wait to watch this movie again and again. It really was a true ending to the amazing story built up through the years and a true testament to how large the MCU has become. I have not been watching the movies for long, but I know how much this movie meant to people like my boyfriend who have grown up watching them.

I one hundred percent recommend that you watch all the movies in order before seeing this one because if you don't it probably will not make much sense! If you've done that already and you have not seen this movie yet, go get your tickets! Seriously, Instagram is full of spoilers.

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