What Is Plogging And Why Is Everybody Talking About It?
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So you're probably wondering, what exactly is "plogging" and how does it lead to free alcohol??

Well, plogging is a new exercising trend that gets you in shape and also earns you a free beer (which probably cancels out your exercising, but hey its free beer!). To plog, one simply goes jogging, and while they are jogging, they also pick up trash.

This worldwide trend started in Sweden and has finally made its way to my hometown, Baton Rouge. Just last Thursday, August 23rd, a plogging event was held in Mid City by Elifin Realty. The plogging part of the event lasted for about an hour, and all the "ploggers" were given T-shirts, sanitary gloves and trash bags.

^ ^ ^ Don't mind me hardcore lampshading in this picture. I swear I'm wearing shorts.

At the end of the hour, everyone met at Radio Bar to get their trash weighed and enjoy free beer. While drinking at the barn, some ploggers were given awards for collecting the most litter and for finding the most unique "trash"(one man's trash is another man's treasure?).

^ ^ ^ My friend and boyfriend standing in front of the interesting trash sign. In case you thought they were the interesting trash :,)

If you aren't completely sold on the idea of plogging, here are some reasons to help change your mind:

1. It's great exercise

It's basically running plus squatting plus weights. Who doesn't love a three in one workout? (minus people who hate working out)

2. It's great for your community

Show the place where you live some love and clean it up.

3. It's great for the environment

Just imagine a cute baby raccoon getting entangled in plastic trash? Sad right? Now go plogging.

4. Free beer

If the sad animal argument didn't win you over, maybe the free beer will.

5. You get to meet amazing new people

Every time there is a plogging event, tons of people go! And of course, they are all amazing because they care about their community, the environment and know how to have a great time!!

6. You get to hangout with your friends while doing something good

Even if you are more of an introvert (@ myself) and are shy when it comes to meeting new people, plogging makes a great time for hanging out with friends

7. You will feel like a saint

The feeling you have after doing a good deed is one you should never pass up, and it pairs perfectly with beer :).

8. You can go at your own pace

Even though plogging is usually done with a large group of people, you are more than free to decide how fast to jog. So, whether you are an intense fitness guru or a couch potato, this workout is perfect for you!

9. It makes doing "leg day" much more manageable

Since you are constantly bending down to pick up litter, you are doing squats for days without even noticing it.

10. You compete for prizes

If you love a good competition than this is for you! There are two awards that are given out, one is "Most Litter Plogged" and the second one is "Most Unique Piece of Litter Plogged." When I went, the winners received gift cards to Varsity Sports!

11. It's family- and pet-friendly

AKA there will be doggos!!

12. It is FREE

So, just like the beer, the entire event is free to attend!

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