I regret all those times I thought being adult looked fun and wanted to grow up to be one. It is not fun. At all. I want the pure excitement and innocence I had when I was just a wee little child. There's a lot of things I took for granted as a kid. Now being a college student, I want to go back to the good old kindergarten through second grade days.

I still find excitement in a lot of things, but nothing will ever beat these 10 reasons that gave me pure joy as a kid that I took for granted back in the day. What a silly child, huh?

1. The daily naps

I take naps as much as I can now whenever time allows me to. But oh, my gosh! I really took nap-time for granted. I regret fighting to take a nap at daycare. I try to squeeze in five-minute naps right when I wake up after my alarm goes off. I would do anything to have nap-time again every day.

2. The night before a field trip

The pure excitement the night before a field trip is the last time I really ever felt that sort of happiness. I would have my clothes laid out as well as my snacks and anything we were allowed to bring packed up. And then, I would be too excited that I could barely sleep. When morning came, I would be bouncing off the walls with joy because it was finally the day of the field trip.

3. The times I'd fall asleep on the couch and wake up in my bed

Whenever I would fall asleep on the couch, I would wake up in the middle of the night, or in the morning, wondering what magical being carried me to my bed. Sometimes, I would even fake being asleep on the couch, so I would be carried because I was too tired and lazy to walk up the stairs.

Someone, please carry me to bed again. Thanks!

4. The class parties

Walking into class knowing this is a day filled with nonsense and fooling around along with the bonus of eating all day. PLUS, getting to watch movies all day. Ugh, yes, I need this brought back into my life. There was nothing better than going to school, eating and watching movies all day long.

Who needs to learn when you can stuff your face with sugary snacks and watch a Disney movie?

5. The artworks and big packs of crayons

I loved coloring. I would color every paper offered and not color outside of the lines, so I could hang up it on the fridge at home. All I had to worry about was what colors I was going to use and if anyone would share their 64 crayons box because I had the small one.

We didn't even have to learn, just sat there and colored our lives away. Those were the days, am I right?

6. The stress-free life of having zero responsibilities

No work, no buying necessities, no money, no anything that related to being an adult! I take back all those days where I thought I wanted to be an adult because it looked fun. It is not fun. I have no idea what I am doing and how I can pay for everything. My stress levels are through the roof. Like, please help.

I want to have the innocence of a kid again, and I never want to grow up. Basically, I want to be a Toys R Us kid FOREVER.

7. The adventures with the neighborhood kids

I was never bored. We would ride bikes around the neighborhood and swim in the pool or jump on the trampoline. Or better yet, jump on the trampoline into the pool! Maybe play tag hide n' seek. Literally, anything that required us being together. There was no other gang I used to be tighter with than my old neighborhood pals.

One day we would go next door to their house, or vice versa. And, one of us would always be on the others doorstep at 10 in the morning asking the parents if you were up to play.

8. The ice cream truck

I loved hearing that song and running back into the house asking for money to grab a crunch bar or a Spongebob ice cream bar. Sometimes, the neighborhood kids would have to run or ride our bikes after it because we took too long to get some money.

9. The Saturday morning TV shows

I loved waking up early on Saturday mornings and turning on the television to watch reruns of "Hannah Montana," "Suite Life of Zack and Cody," and "That's So Raven." I didn't care that it was in low quality. I would grab my bowl of cereal and watch those shows until it turned to boring adult shows.

10. The TV being rolled into class

Being one of the last lucky few ones to experience the good old TV along with experiencing the transition into projectors and Apple TVs, nothing will ever beat the good old television being rolled from the hallway into class. You knew, as soon as the teacher brought it into to class, you were about to watch some "Bill Nye," "Reading Rainbow," or a movie.

This is what I called pure excitement.

Being a kid, the possibilities were endless. The imagination, creativity, and just about everything were at our fingertips. It still is, but nothing beats the small things I took for granted as a kid.