25 Reasons To Love Kim Namjoon From BTS
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25 Reasons To Love Kim Namjoon From BTS

There are an infinite amount of reasons to love this legend, but here's 25 for the years of his life thus far!

25 Reasons To Love Kim Namjoon From BTS

BTS is becoming one of the most influential and popular singing groups in the world. This wouldn't be possible if not for all the members and how much they each bring to the KPOP band.

Kim Namjoon is the leader and one of the amazing rappers of BTS, and since he turns 25 today, here are 25 reasons to love and appreciate this member who brings so much to the world and to BTS.

1. His inspirational United Nations speech

"We have learned to love ourselves. So now I urge you to speak yourself. Id like to ask all of you what's your name? What excites you and makes your heartbeat? Tell me your story.

I wanna hear your voice and your convictions. No matter you who you are, where you are from, your skin color, your gender identity speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself. I am Kim Namjoon and also RM of BTS. I'm an idol and I'm an artist from a small town in Korea.

Like most people I've made many and plenty of mistakes. I have many faults and many more fears, but I'm going to embrace myself as hard as I can and I'm starting to love myself gradually, little by little. What's your name? Speak yourself. Thank you very much."

2. His incredible rapping skills

Namjoon is one of the best rappers in the game. He has an amazing flow and sound. I always look forward to hearing his parts in BTS's songs, but even more I love his solo songs like Persona from the Map of the Soul album (go watch the music video, even if you've already watched it a hundred times). He is That Rapper™.

3. His adorable love for crabs

This is the cutest quality about our Namjoonie. Whenever BTS is at the beach, RM is headed for the crabs. He loves admiring them and showing them off to the other members. This just shows his innocence and sweetness. It always warms my heart and makes me smile, he's so adorable!

4. His love and admiration for ARMY

ARMY helps him to love himself, which is why he always helps us to love ourselves.

5. His leadership as the leader of BTS

Namjoon loves his members so much and he takes his leadership position really seriously. He went through a lot before and after BTS's debut, as they faced many struggles as a group.

There was a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and he just wanted to help his members. Through all of their years together, he has always been there to support and be there for the others. It's beautiful to see how the members appreciate and respect Namjoon for his efforts and shows how great he is as a leader.

6. How he treats the other members of BTS

Namjoon is someone who always lifts others up, especially the members. He is always there to help them with music, to encourage them, and to be a friend to them.

All of his relationships with the members are special and unique, but he is really kind and uplifting to each of them. He is someone that makes people really lucky to have him as a friend, and it's so sweet to see his fondness for all of the members.

7. His songwriting talent and meaning

Namjoon has written so many songs and lyrics for BTS. Each of them show the meaning of BTS's message and have so much inspiration in them.

8. His VLIVE's that are full of cuteness and wise words

If you are ever needing wisdom and encouragement, Namjoon is the person to go to. His wisdom at 25 is truly inspiring and admirable. On the other side, his VLIVE's are one of the best things about him. He is always really cute and funny in them, and they are worth watching!

9. His smile that brightens everyone's day

Self-explanatory. He's so cute!

10. His growth from young boy to legend

Seeing how far BTS and Namjoon have come is really heartwarming. He has grown so much throughout the years and has become such an inspiration to so many people.

Seeing the evolution is incredible, how he started as this kid with wild hair and a dream, to this mature man who is living that dream. If he could see himself now from where he started, I know he would be really proud!

11. How he never gave up on his dreams

At the heart of it, Namjoon just wants to bring inspiration and strength to others. That is his dream, and he never stops chasing that.

Through all of the hardship he faced, he never gave up because he had something important to say and to do in this world. That is such an important reason to love this guy.

12. His dancing amazingness, both his great talent and goofiness

Namjoon is a really good dancer, but seeing him dance just for fun is still my favorite thing.

13. How he gets shy when he's being cute

The fact he is a worldwide superstar and still gets shy majority of the time shows how genuine this guy is!

14. His English knowledge and how he took the position of the only fluent member with such grace

Namjoon works so hard and took so much responsibility, especially in the past few years being the only one who could lead interviews in America. He deserves so much recognition for taking it so well and really stepping up for the team!

15. His sassiness

Sassy Namjoon is the best Namjoon and that's a fact.

16. When he has his silly moments

His silly moments are my favorite thing.

17. His fashion style that is too cool for words

He is a fashion icon for sure!

18. His amazing mixtape, Mono

This mixtape was incredible and deserves all the recognition!

19. His Pikachu face whenever Taehyung does anything

It never gets old.

20. How hilarious he is

We love a funny legend!

21. Love yourself

The message to Love Yourself is so inspirational, and it is incredible how much Namjoon cares about telling it. He has always been honest about his struggles with loving himself but takes ARMY along the ride with him so that everyone can learn to love themselves together.

22. His clumsiness

Our God of Destruction is a mess and we love him for it.

23. He is thoughtful and respectful for others

The fact that he works with women gender-studies professors, is careful with his lyrics in regards with how they sound in other languages, and is supportive of all ARMY no matter what they look like or what they identify as shows how good of a person Namjoon is. He really loves his fans and that is beautiful.

24. He's so pure

Something only ARMY understands.

25. For just being himself

He is many things - a leader, a rapper, a friend, an artist. But most of all he is just Kim Namjoon and he deserves love for that.

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