15 Reasons To Go Braless More Often Than Less

There are several influential pros to going braless.

I, myself, have been influenced to step out of my comfort zone that society's norms had stuck me in. It took me eighteen years to feel comfortable going braless in my OWN house! I started to recognize just how liberated I could feel by going braless.

1. So comfortable!

Your boobs will thank you. You will thank you.

2. It costs zero dollars.

Bras cost way too much money for having such a high demand.

3. Boobs grow/swell.

You shouldn't have to feel suffocated.

4. Boost your blood circulation.

Similar to wearing a hair tie around your wrist, you see the restriction marks once you take it off.

5. Forget boob sweat.

'Tis the season of boob sweat. Go braless. Let em' breathe.

6. Less pressure marks.

They simply cannot be good.

7. It's a look, let's be honest.

You make a statement. You are comfortable with yourself. You value comfort/personal preferences more than societal expectations.

8. There are no known health benefits to wearing a bra.

No, bras don't prevent sagging or form your boobs to be any different.

9. Similarly, going braless has no known health drawbacks.

10. Promote body positivity.

If you believe it, so will they.

11. Normalize ALL breast shapes and sizes.

We all have breasts. No size or shape is better or more "normal" than another.

12. Muting "I can see your bra strap(s)."

I could just not wear a bra. Will you shut up then?

13. Bralettes are better.

No more dreaded underwire or suffocating push-ups.

14. Debunking the sexualization.

See these? Yeah, you've got them too.

15. No more worrying if you're wearing the "correct" bra.

One day a specific bra fits perfectly, and the next day you feel like you're oozing out on the sides.

In no way am I saying BURN YOUR BRAS, if anything DONATE THEM, so someone who prefers to wear bras can benefit.

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