If you're thinking about attending FGCU, you should check out this list before making your decision. If you're interested in any of the things below, then FGCU is the perfect school for you. If you're not interested, you should maybe find another school.

1. Do you like beautiful views and a beach on campus?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. You'll find an 80-acre lake right outside of the apartments at North Lake Village, where you can go tubing, wakeboarding, wakeskating, water skiing, and more. There are also paddleboards, canoes, kayaks, and sailboats available to rent! As well as the amazing waterfront, there are countless ponds throughout campus (each one has a variety of birds, fish, and even alligators you can look at, too!). The campus is full of gorgeous palm trees and forests. FGCU has nature trails and boardwalks where you can enjoy the views as you make your way to and from class. Don't forget the stunning Florida sunsets that FGCU offers every single night.

2. Do you like opportunities to join hundreds of clubs?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. FGCU offers more than 300 Registered Student Organizations that anyone can join. The clubs vary from Odyssey (yup, we're a club), to several fraternities and sororities, to athletic clubs, to religious clubs, to political clubs, and so much more! At FGCU, there are countless opportunities to find an organization that's perfect for you.

3. Do you like having plenty of major and minor options?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. At FGCU, you can pick from more than 60 majors and 50 minors in the undergraduate program alone. FGCU is known for the resort and hospitality management, nursing, and marine science majors, though they have so many great programs to choose from!

4. Do you like having a pool right outside of the dorms?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. South Village is the housing where freshmen and transfer students live. Right outside of the dorms is a large pool area where students are free to swim, tan, lounge, play games, and more! SoVi also has a dining hall that is less than a two-minute walk from any of the dorm buildings.

5. Do you like having smaller class sizes and great professors?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. The student to teacher ratio at FGCU is about 20:1. That means that students are able to connect with their professors and get the attention they as students deserve. The professors at FGCU are incredible, too. Each one is there to help their students with everything they need to succeed.

6. Do you like watching or participating in successful collegiate athletics?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. FGCU has 15 sports teams and has won one 73 titles in the 11 years in Division I as a member of the ASUN Conference and Coastal Collegiate Sports Association. If you're interested in playing sports on a collegiate level, FGCU has your back as they are incredibly successful. If you just like to watch, you can be a Dirty Bird and get awesome FGCU gear, tickets to games, and more!

7. Do you like an environmentally conscious campus?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. FGCU is "a living environmental lab with sustainability at the core of their mission." FGCU has 400 acres of protected nature and LEED-certified buildings. Part of their environmental and sustainable practices include green education, green practices, green dining, green research, and more. FGCU is one of the nation's greenest campuses, even the school colors of green and blue reflect earth and sky!

8. Do you like a school with new and updated facilities?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. FGCU is only 21 years old, so all of the facilities are fairly new and are regularly updated and constantly maintained. The dorms are apartment style and offer you a living experience that not many other universities can offer. The classrooms are updated and perfect for all learning and teaching opportunities. The campus is beautiful and always clean!

9. Do you like having plenty of classes to choose from?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. At FGCU, you can find countless amounts of classes to take. The General Program offers so many classes in Communications, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences for both science and non-science majors, and mathematics. And that's just the generals! FGCU offers so many lecture classes that you can take for you major, or even just for fun! They provide a clear path of what classes you have to take to fulfill your major's needs.

10. Do you like a friendly and exciting campus?

If you do, FGCU is the school for you. Every single day you can come onto campus and find plenty of exciting events going on on campus. There can be free food, coffee, ice cream, etc., rides and games, clubs and organizations tabling, sorority and fraternity events, and more! FGCU has such a warm and welcoming campus filled with friendly people that you are guaranteed to feel right at home as soon as you enter campus.

If any of these 10 things interest you, then FGCU is the perfect fit for you. I love my school and I am so proud to be an Eagle. Wings up!