Reasons to be Thankful for Your College Bestfriends
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Reasons to be Thankful for Your College Bestfriends

Thanks for the time of our lives

Reasons to be Thankful for Your College Bestfriends
Sophia Morin

With the first semester almost finished and my new life beginning to settle, I've been able to find the most incredible group of people. Without them, I don't really know where I would be or how I would survive, I have a feeling most of you feel the same way.

1. When they say "You're college friends will be your bridesmaids", It's totally true...

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I couldn't pick a more dynamic group of girls to have as my future bridesmaids. My college friends ROCK, and I think everyone feels the same way. They will be my friends for life, and I love them every second for all they do for me. The next question, who will be first?

2. They pick you up off the ground... literally.

Whenever you're at our weakest, you can always count on each other to get back up off your feet, no matter what. Whether you're having a terrible week, you're sick, you feel dead after a "lit" Saturday night, or anything in between. We are always there to cheer each other up. Thank You.

3. They go above and beyond your expectations as a friend

Your friends do so many extra things out of their way to help you out, and that's what makes them a true friend. Using an extra meal swipe to sit with you in the dining hall so you won't be alone is a personal favorite. Looking over an essay for grammatical errors, surprising you with an Insomnia Cookie, and staying with you through your worst anxiety attacks. They check your outfits, and tell you honestly if it looks on point or not. I don't even know where this list ends because there are so many extra steps they take out of their day to always be there. This is why you love them so much.

4. They always join you when you have an enormous amount of work even if you can't even get out of bed

Going to the Admin building and working six straight hours is very very normal for you and your friends. There is no such thing as sleep when you've got a double major and a minor. We're all in this together and that's what makes it more enjoyable. Working for so long is exhausting but we all manage to take breaks to laugh together and think, "Why in God's name are we taking this many classes"?

5. They're your ultimate party buddies

You know how sometimes you aren't always with the right crowd when you go out? Well you never had to worry about it because the group your with is literally the only group you'd ever want to be with! They make the frats and house parties totally worth going out. You dance your heart out with them, scream the song with, and run out of the house together when the fire alarm goes off... oops! They encourage dancing with random guys, they encourage staying in the crowded room for fear you'll miss the best song just for air, and they keep you free from danger. You can't imagine going without them, and you sure don't ever want to miss another party after that night.

6. They friended you at summer orientation

Orientation is either really great, or really lonely but you got lucky to find the greatest group of friends who will always be your friends. You clicked automatically and you really don't know how else you would've gotten through the first few weeks of school without meeting them. They made orientation fun, thrilling, and above all else the most memorable couple days.

7. They don't judge you for your life choices, only justify them and relate

The amount of questionable life choices you've opened up about are basically the same as the rest of your friends. A slew of firsts have nothing on a lot of stories you hear on campus. Your friends encourage you and support you in everything you do. They advise and tell you it's ok, and everything happens for a reason. They're right there with you in everything you do, no matter what.

8. They put up with your anxiety attacks and comfort you

You are more thankful than anything else for the friends that keep you grounded in a time of crisis. When anxiety seems to take over your entire body, your friends keep you occupied and talk it out, no matter how many times they've heard the problem. They talk it out and comfort your thoughts until you can continue on. Thank them.Thank them a lot.

9. You never have to be afraid to be yourself around them

Weird? What's that? That's the normal around here. You can be your weird obnoxious self around them and they can be the exact same toward you. There's no boundaries between your friend group and you accept each other uniquely for everything. No, but literally, everything.

10. They make school feel like home

Home is far away and you've started a whole new life at college. Overwhelming, right? Yes, but your friends have got your back. Always. School no longer feels foreign around these people, it's just like being back at home just with new friends! Home is where the heart is and with these people, your heart is sure to be with the people who love you for you. Thank them for making you feel at home already.

To my new family at college, I love you guys to infinity and beyond for making my first year, and years to come, an amazing experience.

So much love,



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