10 Reasons To Stop Wearing Makeup

10 Reasons You Should Feel Empowered To Ditch Your Makeup

Natural is the new beautiful


Fashion and makeup trends change every single year and have made a huge impact on national and worldwide culture. In recent years, females have been more and more encouraged to make their makeup a reflection of their personalities.

There is a real question you need to ask yourself: Are you prioritizing makeup for yourself, or for those around you?

Whatever your motives are, here are 10 reasons you should feel okay about leaving the house without makeup.

1. Your skin will LOVE you for it. 


Taking a break from heavy face makeup gives your skin a chance to breathe. Many of the chemicals, especially in cheaper makeups, clog your pores and irritate your skin. Taking a break and letting your skin heal will result in you feeling the best you have in years.

2. You'll realize how little those around you really care.

It's a common misconception that people, especially females, will love you less if you don't look flawless. Odds are though, your friends will respect you for taking a more natural approach. Real friends will love you all the same, and probably more.

3. Back to the healthy skin thing, your pores will actually shrink 


Our skin is a gigantic organ. When you're constantly wearing makeup, your skin absorbs it, thus expanding your pores. Taking a break from your makeup will cause your pores to become smaller and therefore make your skin look even MORE flawless. Funny how that works.

4. Big rain storm? No problem.


No eye makeup means no black face when you get caught in the rain. There's nothing better than being able to jump into the pool and not worry about looking like a raccoon when you emerge.

5. Makeup isn't cheap. 


Not wearing much makeup means you aren't spending hundreds of dollars in a Sephora. Even if you aren't wearing super expensive makeup, the $10 charges at Target really start to add up. Save your money for better things, you'll thank yourself.

6. You'll realize that your flaws are beautiful. 


There's nothing wrong with freckles, pimples, or scars. Learning to love your imperfections will allow you to have a stronger relationship with yourself.

7. No makeup means no worry about animal testing 


The conversations about animal testing in makeup has been a place of concern for a long time. If you aren't buying new makeup products you have nothing to worry about. Yay skin. Yay animals.

8. Chemicals stink. Keep them out of your body. 


Who knows what's in the stuff we put on our face. Remove yourself from the conspiracy theories and keep the chemicals out of your body.

9. Your skin will stay younger


Typically those that choose not to wear a ton of makeup prioritize moisturizer and their skin care routine. Taking care of your skin so that it looks good the next day has a ton of benefits. Not only will you feel cleaner, but you skin will look younger much longer.

10. You can NEVER get enough sleep


Life is exhausting. A shorter prep time in the morning means more time to sleep. Sounds like a big win to me.

Makeup should be a choice YOU make based on your own choices and personal preferences. If you feel as though your makeup is an extension of your personality, then go for it but you should never feel like it's a must. Maybe it's time for you to give your natural skin the respect it deserves. Culture is changing and natural really is the new beautiful.

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