Reasons You Should Think About Quitting Social Media
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Reasons You Should Think About Quitting Social Media

I haven't quit social media, but these are some reasons I've thought about it

Reasons You Should Think About Quitting Social Media

1.Fear of Missing Out

The reason for social media, at the beginning of it's existence, was to share pictures and moments in your life with friends and family. But now other forms of it, like Snapchat in particular, can show all the people who are friends with you the activities that you are doing at that moment in time. And if your friend is at a party and you're home, you can tend to feel sad or left out--when the reality is you didn't need to know what they were doing in the first place.

2.Fear of Missing Out (part 2)

It used to be that if you had two events going on at the same time that you were invited to attend, you pick the one you wanted to go to more, then you would go and have a great time. Now while your at the event you choose, you can see exactly what is happening at the event you decided not to go to. And even if your having an amazing time at the event, you might still feel that your missing out on something. This stops you from living in the moment and enjoying what your doing.

3.You always feel that you need to update something

In the world we live in today, no matter where you are, most people feel like they need to answer their Snapchat streaks, or look at their Instagram or Facebook feeds. For once I would like to have a free moment and not think to check my social media. It just seems like another thing you have to do.

4.) It's a huge distraction

Especially from a high school point of view, when a student is writing an essay that is due or trying to get their homework done, the last thing they need is a bunch of notifications distracting them and tempting them from their work.

5.It's now expected

Now people assume/expect everyone to be on social media, which I find ridiculous. Because, even though it might be shocking to the world, you can survive without it.

6.Picture Perfect Images

Social media allows people to only show a perfect version of their lives. And when someone who is going through a hard times sees these two dimensional versions of their friends lives, they might feel worse.


Social media is a place were you can share you opinions and feelings about tragedies in the world, as well as being an outlet for your stress, frustration and other things going on in your life. And though it might make you feel better, it doesn't make the people reading it feel better and can lead to them thinking more negatively.

8.It's a huge waste of time

There are a lot of better things you could be doing with your time than going on social media.

9.The stuff on Social Media isn't always useful information

Most of the stuff on Facebook and Instagram are things you will never need to know, and they usually won't help you live a healthier, happier life.

10.You can't put the phone down when your with your real friends

You get so involved in things happening to people you'll never meet or people you hardly know, that even when your out with friends, you can't put your phone down.

11.You can check on people who are out of your life for a reason

Whether it's an ex, an ex best friend, someone who really hurt your feelings (romantically or not), or people you don't want to see, going on social media allows you to see them instead of moving on and realizing they're not in your life because they're not supposed to be.

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