Fat shaming isn't your parents looking after you because you have a family bound risk of diabetes. It's random colleagues/people online commenting on how fat you are. As a plus sized woman and a woman who is trying to get her health in order, I know what it feels like for people to dismiss you because you're fat and therefore ugly. A lot of people excuse the act of fat shaming because they believe they should be ashamed of how unhealthy they are. My argument is no one should be shaming peoples bodies because that doesn't help anyone and it's really just a mean thing to do.

1. They know they're overweight.


In almost every scenario the fat/overweight person being persecuted is aware of their health status. They don't need you to play doctor and pretend you're saying it to "just let them know"

2. They also know when they're eating junk food that is unhealthy.

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On a daily basis, there is a double standard held, particularly with girls. When a girl who is the "ideal" weight is eating a bunch of junk its a "mood" but when someone overweight does the same thing they are criticized and told about how bad that food is for them.

3. It's literally not your body, so its none of your business.


Really it's none of your business whether or not someone is overweight, or whether they're "too big" for things. It's their body and they are human so they are allowed to exist without having to answer to you.

4. Just because someone is overweight doesn't mean you can tell them what to wear.

Shorts and crop-tops are not just for slim women, let women wear things they feel confident in!

5. It's just plain mean and frankly cruel.


When you criticize someone for their weight, no matter how nice you think you're being it's still pretty mean to give someone shame about their bodies.

6. That person could have a medical condition


There are a lot of conditions that cause people to become overweight or make it difficult to lose weight such as diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and endometriosis.

7. They could be dealing with or recovering from an eating disorder

You really don't know what someone's going through so it could be a trigger or sensitive subject to those trying to cope or recover from an eating disorder.

8. They might just be happy the way they are! they don't need to adhere to society's standard.

If someone is happy, unless you're a doctor don't put them down/ talk badly about their overall weight and health.

9. they may be TRYING to lose weight.

just because someone is currently overweight doesn't mean they aren't trying to lose weight. Everyone's weight loss journey is completely different!

10. ANYONE is allowed to wear a bikini, if it comes in their size leave them alone.

Anyone is allowed to wear whatever they feel confident in, build your friends up instead of tearing them down!

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