11 Reasons Why "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" Is Great
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11 Reasons Everyone Should Love 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

Peter Kavinsky is only the beginning.

11 Reasons Everyone Should Love 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before'

WARNING: Spoiler Alert for some.

If you haven't watched it yet, "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" is about a girl by the name of Lara Jean Covey who goes through the horror of having her secret love letters mailed out to the boys she wrote them to. As a result of this, she starts fake dating a boy by the name of Peter Kavinsky but it is soon obvious that they both fall for each other.

Throughout the movie, both Lara Jean and Peter go through a few rough spots but their chemistry remains strong the entire movie and I think that is what ultimately sold the movie for me.

1. The one and only: Peter Kavinsky


I am going to start with the most obvious. Noah Centineo is most definitely a gorgeous human being and him only being 22 years of age makes him the perfect choice of eye candy.

2. Christine


She is probably one of the most relatable characters in the movie simply because of her attitude. She is the person who goes out on school nights to EDM concerts and hates to be up before 7:00 am. Plus, she is such an amazing friend to Lara Jean.

3. Noah and Lana's chemistry


Noah, who plays Peter, and Lana, who plays Lara Jean, have amazing chemistry during the movie. They seem so passionate and dedicated to making it feel real that it brings the movie together.

4. Peter and Lara's hot tub scene


To me, this was a breaking point in the movie. Lara Jean was already starting to realize her feelings for Peter and it looked like Peter was starting to realize his feelings as well. With this scene, Lara Jean finally owns up to it and joins Peter in the hot tub even though she does not have a swimsuit. The passion is there and it is raw. One of the best scenes in the movie.

5. Kitty


Kitty is probably one of the best characters in this movie. She is Lara Jean's younger sister but is the more popular one when it comes to having friends. Kitty has the funniest and wittiest comebacks and a big turning point is when we, as the audience, finds out that Kitty was actually the one to send Lara Jean's letters because Kitty thought "Lara Jean was lonely and five chances at a boyfriend was better odds".

6. Lauv is featured


For those who don't know, Lauv is a singer. One of his songs "I Like Me Better" was featured during the movie, which I totally freaked out about when I first heard it because I am a big fan of him. I definitely recommend listening to him and feel him out but I also know and understand that his music will not please everyone. Either way, I am glad he is on the soundtrack.

7. Josh Sanderson


Josh, who is played by Israel Broussard, plays another one of Lara Jean's love interests. Coincidentally, Josh is also her sister's ex-boyfriend, which complicated things within the movie plot. Josh is an important character because he helps Lara Jean realize how special and important she is to those around her; especially to Peter.

8. The beginning meadow scene


"The forbidden kiss" - the first three words that open up the movie. The opening scene is of Lara Jean in a meadow while narrating the forbidden feelings she has for Josh. On the other side of the meadow, Josh walks up and approaches Lara Jean in what she calls her "field of desire" but before anything can happen, Lara Jean is pulled out of her trance by Kitty who threw a pillow at her. I think this scene deserves to make this list because the transition was so smooth and it went with the story line super well. Plus, it was creative and clever.

9. The realistic portrayal of High School


The movie perfectly portrays high school in the sense that high school is not great for everyone. There are people, who are like Lara Jean, who are considered unpopular, don't have many friends, have never had a boyfriend or kissed anyone, and are bullied. High school is not a fun place for most people so it was nice to be able to see it portrayed as such.

10. The end lacrosse field scene


At the end of the movie, Lara Jean finally tells Peter that she likes him "not in a fake way" and Peter responds with ". . . I am in love with you Lara Jean. Only you." So, of course, they live happily ever after at the end of the movie, with a kiss as the camera pans out and the end credits roll.

11. The sequels


"To All The Boys I've Loved Before" is based off the first book in a trilogy written by Jenny Han. The second book is titled "P.S. I Still Love You" and the third book is titled "Always and Forever, Lara Jean". While there are some differences between the book and the movie - some major differences and some minor differences - the fact that there are two more books could quite possibly mean two more movies! How exciting!

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