I love the summer, it’s free time that I usually get to spend mostly reading and at the beach, which are never bad things. But at the tail end of summer, in days that are consistently upwards of 80 degrees, I can’t help but look forward to what’s coming next.

Cooler Weather

I’m not built for warm weather, I grew up in hockey rinks and even in the summer they were my second home. I’m now forced to seek out air conditioning, shade, or a body of water. I’m looking forward to cooler air, less damaging to my freckly skin, and being able to walk around in jeans and a flannel.


A break is always nice, the brain always needs some time to relax, but I’m fortunate enough to be able to go to a liberal arts school and take interesting classes on a bunch of different topics and subjects. To be able to attend and constantly learn is something amazing and I definitely will feel more productive than siting around the house all summer.


Hanging out before the football game, preparing for the game with beers and grilled food really isn’t something that can be beat. Even if you don’t make it to the game, hanging out with your friends all day and having a daylong party is never a bad thing.


Fall means that start of the year, it means action and beginnings and people coming together. With all that comes the start of the holiday season. People come together and they celebrate together, do fun activities and dress up in weird clothes. It means apple picking, it means pumpkin carving, and it means coming up with group Halloween costumes.

Living with Friends

Living with your family during the summer is nice. It’s good to go home and get away from school and responsibilities. But nothing can really beat living on a college campus with all your friends two minutes away from you. Whenever you want to hang out with someone, they’re right next door, and that’s something about the fall that’s hard to beat in the summer.