7 Reasons Why Grey's Anatomy is Just Like College
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7 Reasons Why Grey's Anatomy is Just Like College

College kids are always tired, or hungry, or even drunk. The characters in the hit ABC show emulate that. Surgeons acting like college students. Kinda scary, huh?

7 Reasons Why Grey's Anatomy is Just Like College

1. College students are always tired.

Let's face it. Every college student you know (even you), is always tired. You come back to your dorm room after three back to back classes and want to take a nap and cry about how hard your life is. (Of course, that's the moment when your roommate comes in with her party of friends, ready to ruin that moment).

2. Always sleep with the wrong people.

We ALL have that friend in college who is always sleeping around and regrets it the next day. You lecture him/her when he/she comes back in last night's outfit and he/she says they will never do it again. Until the next big party a week later.

3. That one teacher that is intimidating from day one.

Every college student has had at least one professor where when he comes into the room, you immediately get the chills. His first words are usually something like "No electronic note taking" or "I better not see a water bottle in this class" before he proceeds to throw someone's water bottle into the trash can. You are usually about to pee your pants at that point and hope that the semester goes by quickly.

4. That feeling of impending death right before finals.

Finals are literally hell on Earth, designed to make you feel like you learned absolutely nothing and make you regret every decision you ever made that semester. Okay, so maybe you shouldn't have gone to that movie with your roommates the week before and now you feel like you don't have nearly enough time.

5). That feeling of just giving up during a difficult week.

Every college student has had that week where you want to drop out and become a stripper. It happens to everyone. You've had four tests, three group projects, and a presentation to do in front of the class, plus whatever extracurriculars you have going on that you know you can't miss. But at the end of the week, you know you can balance that out with your best friends.

6. That sad feeling you get right after you FaceTime your family.

It happens during freshman year, probably somewhere in the middle of the first semester. Your classes are making you stressed, you skip meals every once in a while, and you don't really have a lot of time to hang out with your friends. You decide to call your parents (or whoever is significant in your life from back home) just to say hi. But, when you tell them how much you miss them, your voice starts to crack. You pretend it's nothing but when you hang up on them, you realize just how lonely you are.

7. You're always hungry.

It doesn't matter what time of day it is, what class you have in twenty minutes, or whether you're about to go to bed or not. When you get hungry you need to eat. Thankfully there are twenty different pizza places, ten different Chinese restaurants, and a sandwich shop that all deliver.

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