14 Reasons We All Love Grandmas

Grandmas Are The Greatest Gift Of All, And Here's 14 Reasons We Should Love Them Like A Best Friend

No one loves you like a grandma loves you.


Grandma's are not given enough credit for the amount of love they have for their grandchildren.

1. They give the best hugs ever.


No matter what kind of mood you're in, a grandma hug is what you need.

2. They make the most delicious meals.


Not hungry? Too bad. Make room.

3. They always have candy.


No matter what time or where you are, you know grandma is prepared for any candy craving.

4. and everything else....


Bandaid, hairbrush, food, drink, coupons, clothes, towels, you name it, it's in there.

5. They love attending school events.


You best believe that grandmas are your greatest supporters. They will be at every school event they can make it to.

6. ...and are usually sitting in the front row.


Also, there's no doubt you'll know they're there because they're always sitting in the front row with the biggest smile.

7. They have 1,000 pictures of you.


They will show everyone every single picture they have from every single moment of your life. Get ready for a 3 hour tour.

8. They brag about you every chance they get.


They LOVE to share all of your accomplishments with their friends. Prepare for them to know more about you than you know about you.

9. They give the best gifts.


Grandmas always know what to give you. They're like Santa except they'd prefer to help you make the cookies.

10. They write the sweetest notes.


Grandmas love to leave behind sweet notes and letters. You'll always cherish these.

11. They always give sound advice.


Grandmas will be the first one and the last one to be honest with you. Listen to them. They know what they're talking about.

12. They always want to hear about the boys (or boy) in your life.


No one talks boys like grandma talks boys. She's the best person to go to with any type of relationship issue.

13. They are the best cheerleaders.


They will never stop being proud of you. Never take this for granted.

14. They will always be there for you.


Even when you turn away, grandmas are there ready to give awesome hugs and provide delicious food.

Grandmas are the greatest gift. They love us in a way no one else can and teach us the lessons no one else is willing to. Hug them when you can. Talk to them as much as possible. Listen to their thoughts, criticisms, and praises. Grandmas are the greatest gifts of all. Never underestimate how they change you.

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