Six Reasons You Should Dress Nicely For Class

Everyone always wants to look their best for the first week of school. After that, it’s so easy to start bumming it to class. As easy as it may be to throw on a big T-shirt and comfy shorts, there are plenty of reasons why dressing at least presentable is a good idea.

1. You’ll be more confident.
Let’s be honest, when you’re rocking your favorite outfit, you definitely feel like you can take on the world. Sometimes that extra kick of confidence is just what you needed that day.

2. You’ll feel more awake.
Sometimes staying in our comfy clothes reminds us of being in bed, which is fine when you’re just lounging around, but not for a busy school day. I don’t know about you, but wearing my sweatpants makes me want to come back from class and lie in bed all day, which is a lot harder to do when you’re wearing a dress.

3. You’ll look like you care.
In high school, I had a teacher who used to be a professor. He told us that when his students continuously wore straight up pajamas to class, he thought it mirrored how much they valued being there. If you took the time to get ready to be an active participant in class, you probably took the time to put on a decent outfit as well.

4. You’ll be respected.
It’s much easier for professors to treat you as an adult when you’re not wearing your Disney-themed pajama pants.

5. You’ll feel thrifty.
As females, we spent ridiculous amounts of money on clothing, and most of it sits in our closets. Why not make the most of our purchases and wear them as much as possible?

6. You’ll be prepared.
In a few short years (scary, I know), you will have a real job that you have to dress professionally for. Unfortunately, pajamas will probably not be part of the dress code. Get yourself ready by dressing put together now, even if it’s just a few times a week.

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