There Really Is No Place Like Home
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There Really Is No Place Like Home

Returning home does not mean you are not independent, it simply means you miss it.

There Really Is No Place Like Home

We all have those moments throughout the semester that make us wonder whether being a college graduate is really worth it, or if we should just drop out and call it a day. Between classes, jobs, failed relationships, and a hectic three-year graduation plan, I know that some days are harder than others and there are way too many times during a week that I just want to forget my assignments and take the fourteen hour drive home. I'm glad however that I waited until Thanksgiving break to finally make the trip.

Coming home after such a stressful and difficult time was worth every second of the struggle. If I said I didn't walk through the door and immediately cry when I saw my mom I'd be lying. Just being home washed instant relief over me and I felt like the rest of the semester was going to be a breeze. The days of not wanting to get out of bed because the depressive state of mind I was in would not subside or feeling like the work was piled too high was replaced with the excitement of being home in a place I love with the people I love.

It is movie night Sundays and naps with your kitten in your actual bed. It is long drives into town blasting Dean Brody with your brother. It is a mom who cooks like a professional and wishing you did not ever have to go back to the gross food at school. And it is trips up the mountain with your dad to find fox dens. All of which are irreplaceable despite having a completely different reality fourteen hours away.

There is nothing wrong with going away to college to establish your independence and be your own person away from your parents. But it is important to remember your ties to home and how there is no place better to seek solace and less stress. The fun of family spats and mindless bickering are worth getting through the worst parts of the semester until you can escape back home.

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