One of New York's musts is to go and see a Broadway show, but sometimes the expensive tickets can become a serious problem, especially for college students. But, luckily for you, we have four perfect solutions! Try the following options to see the stunning shows of New York at a cheaper price.

1. Student discounts.

If you are a student in NYC, check to see if your university offers student discounts, and ask how you can get them. Sometimes discounts are only good for specific dates and times, so be sure to get ALL of the details before making plans with your friends.

2. Download apps.

There are tons of free discount apps for Apple and Android devices. From food to a fancy massage, there's a discount for everything, you just have to find it.

Today Tix is described as one of the first and only free mobile apps that provides access to the best prices on last-minute theater tickets, booked same-day or within a week's time.

3. Try your luck with the Broadway Ticket Lottery.

The Broadway ticket lottery is free, but it takes a little legwork. In order to participate, you have to show up at the box office (or designated area) at the scheduled time to write down your name and how many tickets you want. Then, winners are chosen within the next 30 minutes. Lotteries are cash only, and the winners must be present to claim their tickets. Not all shows have this option, but you can call and ask for the days and hours the Broadway ticket lottery is available.

4. Standing-room-only tickets.

Some shows sell SRO same-day tickets for a limited number of people. And while an SRO means you'll be standing the entire time, you'll still be able to see the show for a much lower price, and that's pretty cool.